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My Pharmacy are driving me mad

Morning all.

I hope someone can assist ,or give me some advice. My local Chemist who issue my prescriptions are utterly incompetent, unprofessional and from my experiences it's only a matter of time before they kill somebody by issuing the wrong medication. In the 80,s up to the mid naughtiest the chemist was run by a lovely couple and also the staff were the same and it was run very efficiently. The couple who ran it were both local councilors Jeff and Louise Elliermen and Louise went on to become Labour MP. I recall once upon a time my son had a bad fever my GP came out to see him (GP home visits those were the days) and Jeff opened the chemist at 0300hrs to to dispense the prescription for my son. Then a few years ago Rolands pharmacy took over revamped the premises to resemble a bloody Supermarket. Since my illnesses began I use the place a lot. There must be about 8 staff working there at any one time. All my tablets are issued in a blister pack via a electronic prescription. My diabetic medication I have to order myself as the doses fluctuate and I also order the Glucose test strips etc. I will now try to keep this short as possible. Over the last month or so, THREE times they either have not issued what i ordered or given me the wrong items. I usually phone my order but as they haven't got a clue I try to go to the chemist and order them physically and I watch what they write down. They still get it wrong on Tuesday 7/ 4/15 I struggled to get to the chemist and order insulin and when I do go there I write down everything I need from the other shops so I don't have to go back for a while or rely on other people. But it was a bad day what would usually take a healthy person about 20 minutes it took me over 2 hours and in the Grocery shop the assistant had to get me a chair so I could sit down and rest. Yesterday I realised I needed the neddle nibs for the insulin pens I telephoned the chemist and bothered them the assistant asked if I needed anything else I said no but when we my insulin be delivered she said 'What insulin" I told her I ordered it on Tuesday and I watched the person write it down no record of it she said. Luckily I phoned because I am due to run out of insulin on Sunday. I have contacted Rolands website and filled a complaint from in for the first 2 episodes. I receive a email apologising and my complaint has been forwarded to a Superintendent to look into my concerns. I am not the only one to receive this treatment from the chemist as several people I know have had similar experiences

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Is it possible to change chemist?


I suppose I could be the next one is about 5 miles away


If you go on to the NHS Choices website you can find info about how to make a complaint about the pharmacy if you feel it warrants that. Some pharmacies offer a delivery service if it is difficult for you to collect your prescriptions so maybe there are others in your area that offer that service so you wouldn't have to travel.

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Hi Jim

I know it can be a real pain.

I have a few top tips that have greatly reduced the agro levels in our house if they are any use to you.

1. Meet with gp/or in your case maybe a dibetic nurse and get all meds to last for the same time eg 4 weeks.

2 Ask for a prescription for everything on your list.

3. When you have all the items on your prescription mark the day you start and 2weeks later on your calendar/phone.

4 on the 2nd week order your next prescription. This gives you time to sort out any errors before you run out. Also mark your calendar at 4 weekly intervals from this date.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for that great advice, as I have short term memory loss it would help me no end. Having this memory loss since May 2013 due to oxygen deficiency and subsequently placed into a induced coma I am really lucky to be alive and it's a learning curve coming to terms with it. Today l received a letter from Rolands pharmacy complaints department to investigate my complaint ( They have another 2 to investigate ) I will be very interested in the outcome. There is no way I would want anybody to lose there job over this. All I want is assurances that this will not happen again. And I am sure if a few bo***kins are dished out it won't happen again.



Seems that the chemist is failing in their duty of care

The chemist will be a member of a professional body similar to Gp's

You could complain to them or to your local health authority

If the chemist gave too or another patient wrong medication it could kill them

Good luck


Complain to the pharmaceutical council, they will investigate, prior to my brain injury I worked in pharmacy as a technician, the pharmacueulical council are the body that regulates pharmacist and is very powerful.

The things you describe are very serious and the Pharmacist in my opinion is 'not fit to practice' letting prescriptions go out wrong. Diabetic medication has extra checks as it is so dangerous if wrong.


Hi Jimbo,

I don't really know if this is good avice as such but I don't trust chemists so I try to steer clear from them.

I would rather go natural. Don't take that the wrong way haha. I would rather cure myself naturally I mean.



Hi Jimbo,

My local pharmacy offer an automatic re-fill service and although I don't always fully use all the meds on the 28 day cycle I always re-order the full list until I've built up enough 'excess' to last at least 28 days plus a few for luck. That way I always know I have enough meds at hand, especially the AED's that I take.

Fortunately I amnot diabetic which unfortunately means I have no knowledge of shelf life for your insulin and replacement need for the pens, needles etc. I just hope the above sugestion helps.

I did have an issue with my local pharmacy about a med that reacted badly with an AED (2 seizures and momentary blackout within four hours of first dose) and they kept issuing the wrong med until I spoke to the pharmacy manager LOUDLY in store during a busy period and I then received a letter of appology from the company and my records were marked so that the the med in question is always double checked every time and while I am present to make sure it is correct.

While I can fully understand your frustration it is always best not to mention any company, person or clinitions by name or in a way in which they can be identified to avoid any possible future conflict.


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