Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon

Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon

What a horrible winter. Cold affects my head in ways that mean I feel like I have a flu, hangover and drunk at the same time. I had a chest infection in February that lasted a whole month. Scotland in winter with head trauma are not the best combination. The company I work with has an office in Barcelona so an opportunity not to pass up I booked a Ryanair flight, let go of various commitments, packed a couple of suitcases and last week come out here. What a difference the heat makes, yes it's uncomfortable to be sticky and sweats all the time but it does my head wonders. For the first time in years I want to read technical books at the weekend rather than take time to recover, so nice to have extra mental energy. And the €3 bottles of cava are a nice extra. Only thing I have to remember is to carry a water bottle to drink every 5 minutes.

They even have a slide in the shape of a dragon! You just couldn't ask for more.

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  • Glad to hear things are working out for you... Barcelona is a lovely city.

  • they say a lovely warm climate does wonders for your head. glad you having a good time

  • Barcelona is on my list of places to visit because never met anyone who didn't like it. But heat does me in so let me know when I should go to find it like a pleasant early British summer. Enjoy yourself in all that sunshine, beauty and reading technical books at weekend (technophobe's idea of hell!).

  • Sound like bliss, chilly nights here in Scotland and predicted temps this week don't get higher than 16 deg.

    Enjoy the warm in your bones :-) and try not to mix up the bottles of water and cava!

  • I've also got a cold & chest infection..............can I come too ??

    Lucky you ; hope that beautiful city and the climate do the trick for you ! :-/

  • Oh how amazing. It was the 'Scottish winter weather' that caused Victoria's accident but hey ho. We took her to Malta once she had been home from rehab a couple of months and it did her the world of good. Hope you continue to improve and well done for being brave enough to take such a big step. Wishing you all the very best. Jo xx

  • oddly i tend to get headakes from higher temps and can at time make my head quite tender, ie my head hurts as it moves so quite uncomfortable, but I always liked lower rather than higher temps.

    looks lovely but I suspect I'd be fit for nothing but lying on a bed, i'm struggling at low 20's...

  • Barcelona is such a beautiful city, you are so lucky to have the oportunity and I'm glad you are enjoying it to the full.

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