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Not me but affecting me and the daughters


Hubbie had a car accident in September 2009. A bad knock to the head and a ''mild?'' brain injury.He has not been the same since. Depression has ruled our lives and he gave up a good job in early 2010 but was not thinking straight. He could not get it back when he realised. now owns own business but it's stressful every day and he works 24/7 .

He refuses help but it is affecting all of us.

Who is there to help us the family members through this please?

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headway,give them a ring on monday,number at top of page,they are really really great! and will put you in touch with local support for you after brain injury can be hard but woth the right help it gets easier honest

Hi Hubcaraccident,

It is unclear from your post which particular skills your husband had compromised in 2009. I was in denial for a year or so before I used Headway's brain workbook and fact sheets which helped me to acknowledge I had compromised function enabling me to act to improve and continue to recover these areas.

I recommend two headway fact sheets.

- Executive dysfunction after brain injury

- The effects of brain injury

Take a highlighter pen and identify:

- the skills and areas that were lost in 2009

- skills and confidence in areas which have been regained in 2016

- the areas which require focus.

This will help you and your daughters to better understand his challenges. If he participates all the better!


Phone the helpline, they saved my marriage and are excellent.

I don't think there is any such thing as mild.

Three years ago my husband took a concussion, he wasn't even hospitalised. As I type he is trying to fit a door handle, this would have been a two minute job, calm Sunday morning. He has just marched past shouting that he could smash things to f in pieces. He gets so frustrated and angry with his new inabilities, I have learn to not get involved. He will get it fitted, but it will take some time.

I totally agree with what has been answered

I suffer from depression, and my neurologist has told me that I will always depend on pills, as my brain no longer manufactures Seratonin!

I only accepted my condition about 5 months ago, and I had my injury in January 2013! It takes a long time!

I no longer am able to really enjoy my pastimes! Slowly making new pathways!

Good luck, and all the best!


If he's amenable, you husband could try the cognitive therapy route ; maybe ask GP for referral to a CB therapist or a neuropsychologist.

Alternatively he could ask for an antidepressant (which was my choice). Either of these, or a combination of both, could dramatically improve his mood and attitude to life.

And of course the Headway helpline is available form mon-fri 9am-5pm, 0808 800 many folk here have great praise for the help they've received from phoning the number. It's a free call and the staff are sympathetic and patient..

Best wishes, Cat x

Hi Hubcaraccident,

Couldn't agree more with the above, call headway and have a chat with them there very helpful.

has this knock been investigated......maybe he s not depressed but his behaviour is the result of a brain injury.

does he suffer from any of the following........mood swings , aggression , lethargy, swearing or say or do inappropriate things......... gp s dole out anti depressants like sweeties . told mine what he could do with them

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