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Looks like I'll be seeing dentist on Monday 😔

My front teeth feel like they're on fire. I'm totally fed up. I just want to be able to eat and sleep without having it interrupted by God awful pain.

I'm so grumpy 😾

Wish it would just give me a break. Grrrrrrrrr

Making me feel so worn out and I'm struggling with memory and concentration and I'm knackered.

Someone shoot me now!

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Hi Danslatete,

Must be hard to live with : ( Is this from the injection/nerve damage ,the blow to the jaw you recently had or a combo of both do you think ? x


No idea, if had settled from injection but I don't know if the thumping and head butt has set it off again. Fed up of it now. The hospital said it could take upto 2 months to get better. It's not even been a week and I've had enough. Doped up and fed up.


Poor you, sounds horrendous!

Hope you manage to get pain relief sopted tomorrow.

Is there an emergency dentist at your local hospital?

Good luck xx



Don't let anyone shoot you. We'd miss you here.

Toothache, earache and headache are, I think, the worse pains you can have because you can't move to a more comfortable position to ease it all you can do is rely on the pills and often they don't work long enough to give comfort between doses.

I they're saying 2 months for it to get better sounds like nerve damage somewhere.

Wishing you well for today and truely hope thing improve soon.


I got an appt with dentist on weds morning so I shall find out if teeth are damaged or if it is from the nerves. My neck is still sore and I have my old arm pains back too, which probably means I've probably got inflammation there that's iritating the nerves.

Was back at work today, the little cherub was still at it, his supporter today got a punch to the face and stomach. It sounds bad but I'm glad it wasn't me.


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