I love this quote

I love this quote

This is quite, quite true.

Between the years of 2001-2007 I didn't do much but stare at a wall...

I exaggerate a bit there :).

I didn't do a great deal with my life because of lack of confidence mostly.

I thought that was how the rest of my life would be, stuck at home leading a very boring life.

Then Headway came along and life has improved. It's not complete like most other people but it doesn't need to be like other people's lives.

Do not compare yourself to others or even try to copy a person's lifestyle, it will only make you feel uncomfortable in your own.

Like Kyle Reese said in the film The Terminator "The future is not set".

Try to remember that one, boys and girls :).

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  • No fate but what we make.lol

  • That is another good quote :).

  • Well said!!! Your whole article is great! 😀😉

  • Thanks Nutkin :), glad you like it :).

  • thanks matt that's made me smile first time all weak. iv had a bad weak. so thanks again. joanne

  • I'm glad it made you smile Jo, I aim to please :).

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