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My brain has a mind of it's own!

One of those random phantom days today.

Walking was fun with the ground being six inches lower or higher than my brain was telling me it was. Proper ministry of funny walks... John Cleese &co would have been proud of it.

Later trying to make a meal the old favourite put in an appearance... Went to cut some meat and the other hand joined in .....at least it was minus a knife.

Probably a reaction to getting excited and doing too much reading and replying to posts yesterday.

Note to self:_ rearrange timetable to make time for the site.

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I remember the old chopping board moments when I would square up to the knife like a Torero to a bull and have a few words before I started like you will be safe today! I cut myself chopping back in 2008, passed out, and woke on the floor 20 mins later with a bloody floor! LoL Sounds like your sense of humour will keep your sanity safe! Monty python helped me enormously to deal with events such as you describe! Cut to Life of Brian and the singing: Always look on the bright side of life....de dum de dum de doodle doodle dum!

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Hi recoveringH

Funny you should say. Always look on the bright side that is one of my anthems along with Louis Armstrong's wonderful world happy talk and several others even a few up tempo ones which cause much mirth when I decide I think I can dance....

Just wondering what ,if any, music others use to keep positive..

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Hi recovering h

Just out of curiosity were you even a little ambidextrous before bi?


Hi random, I have recovered all of my motor skills as before bi and have the same abilities to coordinate left and right.



Thanks it is good to know there is hope.

I have just noticed that in your. Original reply you said "sounds like your sense of humour will keep your sanity safe". This has just reminded me of the day I accidentally almost killed my OT.

my OT had been making a regular visit with a trainee something or other and showing off my skills I had made tea .

A little while in I asked the perfectly innocent question " Am I sane?"

I had not realised they were both mid mouthful and they both, instantly began to choke,splutter and laugh.

the OT recovered and asked why I wanted to know so I explained what had been going on and I needed to know if I was sane or if having a bi automatically meant that you weren't.

Much reassurance later I thanked the OT and apologised for the obvious distress.


Haha! Thanks for the laughter! Hope they didn't choke too much and create a mess on your floor! LoL Its those moments which give you a chuckle for days and they remain as a smile! Just because your brain has lumpy bits of scars and it is trying hard to clear them out, it doesn't mean you are insane, just temporarily compromised. You are lucky to have an OT and I'm glad you can make tea. That is a very important step! Nice cuppa! Great achievement.

I remember the day I fell over in the shower - lost balance - after being able to wash my hair properly for the first time after many months of having partially clean hair through being too tired. I laughed my socks off sat on the shower floor with the hot water raining down. It was a good day!

Keep a focus on your successes and build on those!



Hi random phantoms

I know what you mean with funny walks. On a good day my left leg begrudgingly tags along, but then seems to fall out with my brain ( or it maybe the other way around) and decides to be independant. Oh what fun it is picking yourself up and looking round to see everyone around suddenly avert their gaze from you. I dont mind them not staring at me up but I do think its unfair as I have given them a few minutes of entertainment then the least the could do is give me some aplause or may I dare to say HELP ME UP !!!!

yes a sense of humour does soooo help.......it saves going completely mad.


I don't understand this lack of response from people-if I saw someone fall over I would be straight over ( and have been in the past ) offering to help and asking if they were alright-do people think we are drunk,on drugs,dangerous .......... or just rather silly ? !

: ))

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Think a lot of people do think you're drunk or drugged up but if you think about it both pastimes only work by messing up the brain signals so guess it's a lesson not to prejudge from appearance or strange behaviour.

Ministry of silly walks hey or is that PMs cabinet meeting? ;-)


Sounds normal to me I say that my brain is on holiday lol


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