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Yet another TBI classic! Mmmm, Miracle? maybe not! ;)

Left a message to tell my wife I had given the dog her tablets, just in case she got up saw the tablets, and thought she needed to give them to her! Asked my wife if she had seen the note when I got home.

"No" she replied, "but I might have struggled given the dog her tablet, as SHE WAS ON A WALK WITH YOU!!!!!!":)

Classic TBI, we laughed thank god! ;)

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Lol! Literaly! Had to read post out to hubby! At least you left a note and the dog is ok! Xx


Brilliant, love it. Bad as when my wife phoned me to check I was ok. I replied fine and was about to try and wash the car. I then phoned her back 10 minutes later "just realised you are out in car " oh was she sympathetic....after she had stopped laughing.


Oh fantastic!!! soooo funny, thank you for the giggle. Its wonderful to hear how you and your wife laughed about it though.


TY for kind replies people! Glad my errors can spread the smiles! ;) I will try desperately to avoid the errors, but if they occur, you can be sure I will continue to spread the smiles, but medicine IMHO, & its FREE! :)


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