Yet another update

The fun goes on...

DWP have just phoned as my MP has been in touch with them. Until five minutes ago they had no idea...

1) I am waiting for another tribunal as the first was abruptly adjourned.

2) The initial adjournment was due as 'the DWP have not provided their evidence'.

The 'Tribunal' have not been in contact with the DWP in ANY way at all since the adjournment and for the first time in my life I actually heard a DWP advisor sigh loudly. Had I not just briefed them on the events of almost four months ago, then the wait for a new date would have gone on forever.

The pantomime continues still with no end in sight.

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  • Hi Baron, the incompetence goes on doesn't it? I had my tribunal yesterday and it's good news they upheld my appeal, I didn't have to answer any questions it took all of 10 mins, they read my papers before I went in and then told me when I sat down they had agreed it because I w2ould be a health and safety risk to myself and others in any workplace so they were recommending that I do not need to be assessed in the future and told me they shouldn't be hassling me in the future. I am to be put in the support group and be paid accordingly, result! I suppose all the stress was worth it, hope it goes ok for you xxx Janet

  • Thanks Janet, and that's great news!

    Meanwhile the Tribunal service called an hour ago to inform me that my new date is the 22nd November and the letter was 'coincidentally sent to you yesterday'.

    What an astonishing coincidence indeed. I lose the plot, yell, my MP gets in touch and suddenly I have a new date.

    All VERY convenient

  • Course it goes without saying that we'd rather be well and work, not have to deal with any of this !!!

  • An honest admission that they'd fouled up once again is far too much to expect, so you get these ridiculous, transparent attempts at a cover up.........pathetic and, yes, very very incompetent.

    Hope they stick to the new date and it's a satisfactory outcome. Keep us updated, Andy. xx

  • Hi Baron C, if only the DWP had training schemes so personnrl could o and learn about the efffects caused by various of our disabilities, just like Government (who over is in power) they encourage both employers to run and unemployed people to go on - perhaps then the DWP would understand and then run more efficiently! We need to get a petition up, I seem to recall

    NC Murphy posted a few weeks/months back and there was a petition site where you could make new petitions, but I don't recall the name - perhaps he'll see this reply and come back to us with the name!vThere are just so many people affected by ignorance!

    I wish you well and hope your that all of you waiting for new dates get them as quickly as possible with the right outcome being achieved at te tribunals.

  • I wonder if part of the problem is due to even 'trained' personnel not knowing sufficient, indeed having some misconceptions and prejudices?

    On a different matter, I was referred for physio for neck and back problems. For a long time, I've felt really ill when my neck has been bad, but the doctors have just given me that "hypochondria" look (you know the one I mean. :-) ). However, the physio said this was common with neck patients. Similarly for some of the odd referred pains that I get.

    I get the impression that many people working in the field don't really grok what it's like to have memory and attention problems. It's all to easy to say "use a notebook" but give little thought as to how to remember to use it, remember you've got one with you, remember to look at it, remember what this scribbled notes meant, remember what information to take, and not to take, and be able to take adequate notes whilst dividing you attention between the thing you're taking notes on and the process of taking notes itself, etc, etc.

  • Perhaps a day or week in the life of a human being at the receiving end of their incompetence would do the trick . My wife has just had an assessment for a blue badge and although she did not meet any of the criteria she received the badge , the lady was very compassionate and understanding and understood you don't need a wheel chair to be disabled. So some do care and listen and their budget isn't the driving force .

  • I'm off to get my medical on Tuesday next week I wonder what gems of wisdom will they come up with?

  • Can you walk ten metres? Can you add up to ten? Can you hold a pen? That's about your lot.

  • Then I will finally pass a test with flying colours then! Can I ask them to print me off a certificate saying I got 100%do you think? Maybe a sticker? ;-)

    If that is all a potential employer looks for then i must be in big demand, mainly because i can read an write too!

    My temp contract is done unless they send me a new one then I. Jobless again.

    That is only reason I. Going

  • Hi, the reason they decided I qualified for the ESA support group is I would be a health and safety problem if I was to go into a workplace, so it's best not to put me there specially since I retire in 2 years any way. Janet

  • I went. He asked questions, I answered them, he asked about my social life, what I do with friends how many friends where do you go.... I suddenly realised I don't go out with friends. My friends who support me are in England still. I'm isolated in this respect and I had never realised... It hit me like a train and I'm ashamed to admit it , I burst into tears, pathetic but true. I did a few movements and I was free to go. I made my apology and he asked why it upset me, so I told him I truly had not realised till then how very few friends I have left since the accident. I had been so busy trying to get back to normal back to work etc, the truth hurt. That is why I hate doing appointments like this, I spend my time doing the whole look how normal I am and how great my recovery is, only to be floored by a stupid question or remark that gives me a 100000watt lightbulb moment. I didn't realise but I had put on the form that I didn't know why they were doing it because I got no money from hem and I was in part time work, he also said he had no idea why it was needed. Eh ho!

  • Not at all pathetic, just the reality that an awful lot of us face. I certainly do. Very few friends in my life too, but it does mean that I cherish the one or two who hung around, bless 'em. The search for 'normality' clouds a lot of what continues to go on around us. Friends fall by the wayside, it happens. Sad but true. Most definitely nothing at all to be ashamed of

  • Thanks baron c, feeling a bit low realy and annoyed because there was no need to be there.

  • Yep, understand that 100% as well. Don't beat yourself up about it, they'll try to do that for you


  • I understand totally what you are saying, my daughter although has friends doesn't really see them. They may chat on the phone sometimes, but apart from one friend who has kept in touch and she sees most weeks the rest have moved on with their lives. She would love to go out more and mix - but can't.

    As for the ESA we are still waiting for hers to come. I have done lots of reading up about the descriptors but the cognitive side will be the hardest to explain

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