Last one was Noel Edmonds so well done to those who got it.

Now who is this psychadellic character/actor?

It looks like he has a Hitler-style moustache but that is no tash, that is a shadow that has gone slightly wrong :).

Also, you will notice that I did not finish the drawing, the clothing has been left blank. That is because I could not be arsed haha.

This will be the last caricature I post... For now :)... Cos I aint got no more :).

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  • Oh, behave ! : ))

  • Yeah baby :).

  • Michael Caine with a canny resemblance to Mike Myers!

  • Well actually, that is Mike Myers playing... ??? In the 3rd film, his dad was played by Michael Caine :).

  • Obviously Mr Powers!

  • What made it so obvious :).

  • Your fine art of course Matt ;)

  • Thanks mads :).

  • Now that must be lifelike because even I got that one and I don't know any of these famous celebs! Only a soon to be famous artist;)

  • That is probably the nearest life-like caricature I have drawn :).

  • Austin Powers...

  • You forgot his middle name. Austin Danger Powers :).

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