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Hello and happy new year.

As you might guess from the title, I am quite proud of myself.

In 2017 I applied to get my art displayed/exhibited at the Discovery centre in my hometown, Gosport. I was then told I had a place set for me in January and February 2019. That's a pretty long wait but it has flown by.

I was also told by the lady who organises these displays that my artwork was outstanding :).

Today I got word that my art is up on display and I will be going to see it on Wednesday :).

I thank Headway Portsmouth and South East Hampshire for giving me the confidence and also helping me get around via bus and I also thank some friends from my other charity the Gosport Dis-play Club for helping me improve on my art.

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Well done Matt!

Next time i pop over on the ferry this week,i'll take a look. :)

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You must live in Portsmouth then, correct? :)

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Yes,saw u at Portsmouth Headway,think i played Bochia on same team as u once,& saw u at ur local group. Was 2015,i didn't last long at Headway for various reasons-moods & cost mostly.

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Ah,I see.

2015 you say.

Normally I have a pretty good memory but I’ve got to say Headway have expanded a lot since I joined them back in 2007 and a lot of people have come and gone. Plus, I aint getting any younger either :).

Headway can be pricey.

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I didn't say much if that's any more help! LOL

Yeah,i coming up for 48! LOL

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That is a lot of help...not really :).

You’re older than me, I am coming up to 35 but a lot of people say I don’t look it. They mostly think I am around 20 and because of my brain injury I feel like I am still in my teens :).

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I thought u were in mid 20's. When i first played Boccia on a thursday(first time i ever played it!) i was nervous and didn't know many names even. But one guy got really carried away and my mood wasn't very good(wound up),i couldn't play again,tho manager kept on & on. Then cos of paying in advance,i couldn't afford it-plus i was too miserable for group near u after 3/4 times.

I felt too well to go there anyway,compared to others-i felt a fraudster.

good on ya matt happy new year mate.

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Thanks Steve and happy new year to you too :).

Great news and will give you such a New year boost . In our world —what’s a year ?? 👏👏👏🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Thanks Shona :). Great way to start a year off by showing off my art to the public :).

Happy New Year Matt. Well done. You deserve it.Kx

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Thanks Aqua and happy new year :).

That'll be a real buzz Matt seeing your art work on display, feeling a slight tingle myself just thinking about it, well done mate and good for you, any photos you can take there are a few here would like to see your exhibition.

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Thank you Fred and I’ll see what I can do about getting some photos. I should do. It’s just the gallery is on the walls of the café area so may be a little tricky getting a good shot.

That's fantastic Matt. I always knew you were headed for great things 🤩

Seriously, it's time your drawings were shown on public display ; I'm sure you'll get loads of appreciation and useful publicity and, hopefully, generate sales and commissions. Some pictures of your exhibition would be good if that's possible. Great news m'love ! xx

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Matt2584 in reply to cat3

Thank you cat :).

As I was saying to Fred, I shally try and get some pictures of my display :).

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cat3 in reply to Matt2584

Great ! xx

Well done Matt but also very well deserved. Your art is outstanding x

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Aww thank you Maureen :).

Congrats Matt :-) xx

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Thanks bexx :).

That's amazing! No wonder you feel proud x

Thank you Alice :).

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