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Now im much better

Now im much better

When life deals you lemons you make lemonade

At the age of 18 i collapsed on Xmas Eve.

I was in a coma a week.

Seems id suffered a haemorrhage of the brain stem.

Eventually, after a shunt was fitted, i was stable enough to have the operation to use a laser on a cluster of aneurysms on the brain stem that where due to burst.

Performing this tricky operation was Mr Gordon Brocklehurst.

On the operating theatre disaster happened as one of the blood vessels burst causing a bleed and, in turn, causing a clot. The surgeon was unsure hed got all the offending anneuryms but used the laser as best he could.

I spent weeks learning to walk and set myself small goals.

My Mum was retraining to be a nurse at the time and i joined the local Headway group at Grimsby where i met other people who had suffered similar injuries to the brain from cyclists to road traffic accidents to brain tumours.

This group later disbanded.

A few years later a Headway in Scunthorpe formed where sufferers and families of sufferers would meet every month.

My Mum became a staff nurse on the neuro ward at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Making people aware a group existed was a hard job and it took things like trekking across China (I did 55 miles).

I became a chef teaching adults with learning difficulties and with the help of Headway and my family beside me i began to rebuild my life.

I later joined Headway Hull too because it was coming up to Christmas and being a member of 2 groups meant 2 Xmas meals.

In October 2013 i was living alone and suddenly my legs collapsed. I crawled to my phone and rang my Mum who was now in retirement.

She took me to Hull Royal Infirmary and from 9,30am till 11pm i was undergoing tests to find out what was wrong.

Tests revealed i had a small aneurysm that was about to burst on the cerebellum and it would kill me if nothing was done.

I had the choice (Hobsons Choice) to have the cerebellum injected with a glue. It would stop any further bleeding but would give the effects of a stroke.

I opted for this and after 3 weeks in HRI i was sent home.

I continued to live alone and i was taught the basic balance techniques by some very wonderful Occupational Therapists.

Im now volunteering at a local food bank. I volunteer at a snack bar of a medical centre and im still an avid member of Scunthorpe and Hull Headway groups.

Im STILL single BTW. LOL

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I can see why your user name is Spideyman, you have the Peter Parker-type glasses :).

You have been through quite a lot and this initially started on a christmas eve! Sorry to hear that, that is definitely not the kind of early present you would like for Christmas.

I too have been through a heck of a lot in the past and hopefully now, I am pretty stable and I can continue with my life.

I hope you are keeping well and I like the way you finish with "I'm still single". Was this post your own personal chat up line :), kidding.


Hey Spideyman

Wow such a long way you have come (wrong way round makes me sound like yoda oops but can't be bothered to correct myself)

Keep pushing :)


Hi Spideyman

It sounds like you've been through alot but been very brave , courageous and selfless along the way :-)

Somebody will come along to share that lemonade one day and fulfill your life. :-)


Hi Spideyman

Wow you have travelled quite a journey post aneurysms and haemorrhages. But congratulations to you on what you have overcome and achieved. That is inspiring to hear how you and your mum have been involved with several Headway Centres. Also that's brilliant that you now volunteer with several jobs as must give you good self esteem and purpose. That is incredible too that you trekked 55 miles in China. I am in total awe of all you have managed to do despite the odds stacked against you!


Hi Spideyman, so inspiring to read, amazing after what you have been through. thanks for sharing. K


Cheers Aqua x


Hi Spideyman

Thanks for sharing your experience. You give hope and encouragement to others.

Best wishes for the future.


Been through the mill but come out at the other side smiling-great attitude !All the best Spideyman : )


Hats off to you Spideyman, you've done and achieved SO much!!! I'm in total awe.

Best wishes.


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