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Another portfolio

I have another portfolio now.

I know you might be thinking "How many more?" or something like that and the last portfolio was good but you could only upload so many images before you had to pay around 80 quid to upload more!

Anyway, this portfolio seems to be much better, you do pay to add more photos but not an extortionate amount.


So again I say "Come see my wares, don't be shy :)"

... and my latest bulldog in the raincoat is there too :).

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Site won't let me in unfortunately ; won't accept my details.


Sorry, this might work.



Great, thanks Matt. You have a remarkable ability and I think the sketch of your friend's grand daughter is my favourite ; it's so professional. . . . . . . . . . . really stunning.

And you have a real gift for drawing animals which is so useful in card production. Who knows where all this could lead. greeting cards . . . posters . . . packaging. . . .cartoons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Great stuff Matt !! ;-)


Aww, thanks Cat :). Glad you like my work :).


You need talent spotting Matt.Showed the pic of the dog in the raincoat to my niece whose a designer and she said it really is very good.

Looked at all the pics there love them all.I like the charcoal/pencil ones best though. :-)


Thank you Karen and I'm glad your niece liked the bulldog pic :).

I have to agree, I like the graphite pencil drawings best. They are easier to use. I mostly draw in pencil but was then introduced to colour pencil and I have to say, that colour pencils arr more difficult to use, it's not as easy to apply the colour. I'm thinking of getting some watercolour pencils some time. I used them when I was in college and I liked them but I've got to get some good quality ones.. When I can be bothered that is haha. I think I will be introduced to using pastels sometime soon, I wonder how I cope with those. I used oil pastels once but didn't like them much.


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