Hey im back again :)

Hey im back again :)

Hi guys as a lot of you may know I started my own photography business up last year thing have been going fab have been soooo busy I really thought January and February would be quiet but I have been non stop :) this is not the reason for my post though I have taken the plunge and enrolled in a 18 module photography course I am both excited and nervous as my concentration levels etc havent been great since my bleed but i am looking forward to learning new skills with taking pics and Editing :) I still have my ups and downs health wise but personal life and work life is fab and I cant believe my boy will be 1 in 8 weeks :o and way I will upload a pic of a little boy I was capturing during a cake smash it was so fun and he is sooooo gorgeous and also 1 of my fave pics i've ever taken hope you all are well xxxx

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  • Fantastic picture, and glad things are going so well for you, keep up the good work, onward and upward xxxxx Janet

  • thankyou im doing my best :) hope you are well x

  • Hi. Great news and wishing you all the very best, I'm sure you will do just fine. My daughter had a tbi this time last year and she also went back to college. She finished the end of the course (obviously she didn't do the topics that she missed when she was in hospital) but went on to qualify as a Beauty Therapist with Distinction! So it just goes to show you can achieve great things even after a brain injury

  • awww thats so inspiring to hear well done to her :) I guess im just looking to much into it :)

  • You're bound to be nervous Michelle, when it's a new level, but just look how far you've come in the last year...........I hardly recognise the person you are now compared to when you first joined here. I have nothing but admiration for you and I feel sure you'll keep on surprising yourself and us with more achievements.

    I feel so proud of you girl. Well done and all best wishes for the course.........enjoy it !!

    Lots of love xxx

    Great picture by the way. :-)

  • thankyou for your support cat you have supported me the whole way through I really appreciate it will keep you all updated with my progress which I start on monday eeeeek!! :) x

  • Hi shellesbelle, gorgeous little boy and great photography. So pleased you have come through the year, so hope the course and 2014 will all be great for you. Look forward to reading your post when your receive your diploma - and the odd picture from time to time - well not really odd photos - lol - you know what I mean I hope! Sambs xx

  • ahahaha yes I do :) he is scrummy not quite as scrummy as my little man though ;) Im kind of looking forward to this course I can go at my own pace its just perfect :) thanks for your reply x

  • That's brilliant news, very well done you! Impressive stuff.

    If you fancy taking about three pctures at a wedding in Derbyshire, five minute job, do let me know :)


  • its only up the road ;)

  • There will be us, two kids and two witnesses, that's it. We just want a handful (genuinely, no more than three or four official ones) of pics, that's all. Fancy it?

  • when is it?? would you trust me ;) x

  • It's the 6th December at Bakewell Register Office. If your pics are even 10% as good as the one you've posted here, of course I'd trust you! Discount for cash... :)

  • awww thanks i'd be honoured petrol money would do :) think we all deserve something nice on here :) x

  • Just messaged you...

  • I find it all so heart-warming......that both you and Andy have overcome so much to reach this point.........It's a great idea that you should go over to take his wedding photos.........such a good outcome. xxx

  • I feel honoured that he trusts me :) am really looking forward to it :D

  • I'm rather chuffed myself! xx

  • Hi!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Congratulations on setting up your own business. I hope it continues to go from strength to strength. Seems like you have turned a corner. It is so good to hear when things are going well. Gives us all a lift! Good luck with the course. Enjoy!!

  • nice to hear that you can do something all the best , john.

  • thanks guys xxx

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