Coffee anyone?

I'm trying to build my confidence and the best way to do this, as you all well know, is to meet people. And I couldnt think of anything better than to meet people via headway. So, if you, or someone you know who maybe may also benefit from this, feel free to message me. I'm a 34yr old female and I live in Worthing, West Sussex. I would propose to meet at buddy's cafe, somewhere safe. Male or female, any age. I'm not single- just in case!

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  • I wish I lived closer...although I don't drink coffee I would have liked to meet you to say hello.

    Btw I just took a look at your profile and followed the link to your wire is beautiful. Is this something you have always done or did you find you had a talent after your injury?

  • I'm glad you like my wire pictures :) its a positive that came out of the accident, on the gallery on my website- the photos are in order, from the very beginning. So from the top and left to right, you can see my progress, I am proud of it. It was all about improving my concentration and attention.

    It's a shame you're too far away. Best of luck to you. Thanks for getting in touch!

  • Sorry Kel I'm miles away in Manchester but I hope there'll be others nearer who you can connect with.

    Have you checked whether there's a Headway group in your area where you could meet up with others in our community ?

  • Thanks for your message cat3, I have just started to attend the headway community group but it's only once a month, it is incredibly helpful- I managed to control my anxiety for the first time in two years and talk to a group of people (at the group meeting), but meeting with people once a month is not enough x

  • HI I live in Eastbourne. My son lives in Brighton and visit Brighton fairly often. MY TBI was in July 2011. headway have a Brighton Headway meeting, which I have not attended yet. I did meet local Eastbourne Headway meeting on a couple of occasions, but found the meetings not to be very productive or positive. if you fancy meeting for a coffee on a 1 - 1 basis in Brighton message me. It would be great to meet a familiar face :)

  • Hi sem2011, I didn't think of going to the one in Brighton- I'll look it up, thanks for that! The group meetings- unfortunately some kind people struggle more than others.

    I started going to the meetings a year ago, I went three times to give it chance, but every time there was somebody who managed to turn it in to their personal therapy! I'm glad I went back though. I will message you.

  • Bit late to this thread, but I just wanted to say hello anyway. I live many miles away and to be honest it's probably better that way as I'm a bit of a berk :)

    Enjoy your coffee and well done you for getting yourself 'out there'.

    Best wishes,


  • Never too late (and it's only been 3 days) -and still no coffee! :)

  • It is so frustrating when someone, that's you Kel, is keen to meet up for coffee and you know that is something, socially isolated me, would benefit from and enjoy too too far away!! I'm in North East Kent and like you often think it would be good to have some of our understanding virtual and similarly BI inflicted Friends in the real world. Did you manage to find anyone to share a coffee with??

  • No, no luck. But I think that the chance of finding someone on here, who is even fairly local, is very slim. That's ok though.

    After writing this post, I decided to go back to headway support group, and also went to the Xmas dinner which was great. So not a bad start! I'll continue going. My confidence is improving.

    I think that the best thing you can do, is stick your tongue out to your anxiety and get out there! Be strong, you can do it!

  • Hi Kerry. Good luck in your coffee quest. I am in Hove but don`t have a car anymore, otherwise it would be a simple scoot along the coast. Love your wire art, fantastic therapy and must be massively rewarding.

  • Hi Abi1,

    How about the train? It's a great way to travel and to build your confidence, and when you are confident of using it it opens up a whole world of travel so you're not stuck at home. It took me a while but I'm confident on using the train now.

    The biggest thing that I really want to do is to help other people who are living with ABI, having ABI myself I completely understand how hard it is. My story does seem to inspire people so that's good. I'm so happy you like my art! I now run craft workshops via headway, it's not a regular thing I've only just started it. I hope to do a workshop in Brighton, would you come?- it's to help build confidence, improve attention and concentration, and it gives you focus. I don't get any profit.

    Do you have trouble with confidence? If you like I could come to Hove and we could meet at a cafe if it's helpful?

  • Abi I forgot to tell you about this ABI support group meeting. Open to anyone affected by Acquired Brain Injury. Meets on the 3rd Thursday* of each month, 7-9 pm, at Montague House, Montague Place, Brighton,

    BN1 1JE. It is a bit late in the day but I think it is worth it, I go to the worthing one every month it helps so much.

  • Hi

    Yup, I have read about this. It probably is too far/late and, to be honest, I am pretty far on in my recovery, having lived with BI (and cancer, oh yes, had a fun bout of that at the same time) for 14 years so this is as good as it will get and I am happy with the me I am now. Am working and getting back out there but I could have used this kind of help in the early days and anyone in the early stages will need support, which I didnt really get.Did my own therapy, the main help was music, which kept me sane x

  • I hugely respect what you've done. It's never easy but back then there wasn't much help at all, there is much more now. Mine was October 2012, not so long ago but I'm doing very well I think because of the help. It's my art that keeps me sane! Glad to hear you're doing ok though x

  • Thanks!! It is lonely and tough and easy to just give up but I had 2 small kids to raise alone after the ex left and you just get on with it. We all need some kind of therapy and support and I am glad to hear it is improving. I was treated at Hurstwood Park but then there was really only sporadic follow up, MRIs etc and, looking back, I wish I had been given access to more counselling and friendship. Hey ho. Got far more attention for the cancer but, of the two conditions, I know which one has been more devastating...Have a lovely day. Sunny and cold in Sussex x

  • Hi Kel,

    I am in Uckfield so not far away. When are you thinking of having the coffee meeting. Very happily married with 2 kids...XX N

  • After writing the original reply I've just realised that I should've told you that there is a support group meeting on the first Tuesday of every month, Tuesday 6th October 6pm-8pm at Buddy’s café, 121 South Farm Road, Worthing BN14 7 AX. Please do come along if you can, I know you probably won't know anyone but at least you know OF me, which is a great start, I will be there.x

  • I thought I should add that bit haha! The post is 9 months old, I wasn't expecting anyone to get in touch now. You are the only person that can meet up which is great, me and my confidence are much better now, not as good as I would like, but it's still improving. I am more than happy to meet with you if you like. My aim in life now is one, my art, and two, to help other people living with ABI. With confidence, and I have just started running some no profit craft workshops. So if it would help you at all then yes, I would love to meet you.

    What do you think?


  • Hi Kerry,

    Ill visit the Tuesday meeting at Buddys cafe if its still going. N

  • Great! I love meeting newbies 😉 i usually arrive 10 minutes earlier, give me a wave when you see me and I'll introduce you if you like, I'll look out for you. See you then!

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