N. W. O

Don't rely on prescribed drugs, nature is key. Pharmacies/chemists don't give a crap about people, they only want money. The world today is full of greed. Everything seems to revolve around money these days. Why do you think a lot of people are overweight? Because there is refined sugar in almost everything. You go to the local supermarket and buy processed Lasagne, not exactly a brilliant choice. It has sugar in it. What for? They might tell you it is to preserve the food for longer but I think it is a bit more than that. Too much sugar leads to obesity, health problems and even death. Avoid processed foods. Don't go to McDonalds (CrapDonalds) instead, they are worse. "Im lovin' it"! I bloody hate it. Pure poison hut. Fizzy drinks are so bad for sugar, Coca Cola is Probably the worst, especially Diet Coke. First off, the 'diet' part makes you think you will lose weight. You couldn't be more wrong. Diet Coke is laced with sweetners called Aspartame that can bugger up your brain. When I was younger, I used to drink this poison all the time. Then 1996 arrives and I am diagnosed with a brain tumour. My GP reckons the tumour was growing all my life. That makes me think, why? Why would a tumour randomly grow all my life? Humans were not built with tumours. Could it be the fact that I used to spend years drinking Diet Coke? I think that could be the main cause. And why is there all this evil going on in the world? Three letters "N. W. O", I shall let you research the rest.

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  • I hate Mc Donalds, McDo they call it here in France. Had to buy something to use their free wifi, soft ice cream with sugary fruit purée, SO sweet, thirsty after. There's a new ad up for them over here: 'Shiny Bacon' burger. What the hell is shiny bacon? English words very fashionable here at mo, as is union jack, no idea why! Just bit more interesting than their 3 stripes = so similar to other countries? The music scene? Harking back to 60s cool? Dunno.

  • I was in London with my mum and brother and my mum only wanted to use the McDonalds toilet but they said you had to buy something in order to use their facilities, what a rip off! I can't stand that. We didn't oblige though, we walked straight out. But the world is becoming so stupid and full of greed. Paying just to go to the toilet! That's ridiculous. You had to buy something to use their free wifi, that kind of defeats the object doesn't it? It's not exactly free then. So they make a dessert that is so sweet that makes you thirsty and HOPEFULLY makes customers buy another drink which adds even more sugar. I'm surprised that people don't collapse of a heart attack when they are about to leave. I don't know what shiny bacon is but by the sounds of it, it is bacon that has been polished :).

    So do you have a brain injury and what happened? Or do you know somebody who has BI?

  • I'm planning to see 'The Hunger Games soon' . . . . . . just hope it's as good as it's cracked up to be.

    Can't agree on the subject of prescription drugs though ; I couldn't survive without them. :o

  • I want to see hunger games too but I'll have to wait until it comes out on Netflix or dvd because I can't tolerate how loud it is even with ear plugs as daft as it sounds

    I also couldn't live without prescription drugs

  • I think you might be looking at that the wrong way around, when you use the toilet at your house it costs you money in the form of bills, so you are currently doing this anyway. When you use their toilet they enlarge their bills, and gain nothing. I sure has hell wouldn't want people knocking on my door wanting to use my toilet and then telling me how outrageous it was that I said no.

  • I'm afraid your post left me feeling a bit confused...I'm not sure who you are blaming for what ...or why?

    I have no idea what N W O is and when I tried to search I got Nat West online Banking... and while the banking companies may contribute to some woes, I am pretty sure they aren't responsible for all that ails the world ;)

  • What confused you about my post?

    The N.W.O is the New World Order. I can't quite explain it all because I don't know everything about it but I do know that it is evil. Basically the NWO is supposed to be one worldwide government controlling the rest of the world. 'The Illuminati' in other words. They want to cause depopulation. And all these bad things we hear from the government and chemicals in foods that cause health problems is all because of the NWO. Monsanto is a big chemical company in America that make bad chemicals and add it to foods. There is also something called G. M. O (Genetically Modified Organism) that comes from Monsanto too and is also very bad.

  • I wasn't really sure what you were saying or if there was an actual point being made ?

    You started out saying not to rely on prescription drugs - which many of us do and without which I would not be alive today ...

    then you jumped to a comment about greed and money...

    then another jump to obesity...

    followed by a mini rant about processed food ...

    and then I wasn't sure if you were blaming diet coke for your brain tumour or not ???

    and finally you ended with a rather mysterious comment about N.W.O.

    I really did not get it at all. If you were simply letting off steam about things you believe or things that bother you then that is all fine and dandy but it all seemed out of place and disconnected to me and hence my comment.

    Of course pharma companies are money orientated - they need money for research and development but they also want to make a profit...nobody runs a business intending to run it at a loss and lose all their/their investors money.

    As for processed food... In an ideal world everyone would have access to fresh healthy foods, have the money to pay for them, the ability to shop for them and the ability to prepare and cook nutritious healthy meals and the time to do all that and enjoy it too... but fast foods are an established part of modern life and it is going to be very difficult to retrain a generation used to a life of convenience. In moderation should not do any harm but people have free will and some who have the money, time and ability to eat a healthy diet choose not to.

    I find it a little worrying that you say you don't really know all about about the NWO but you know for sure it is evil.

    As I understand it, here are two aspects to the New World Order...one is a historical political approach to governments joining together to solve worldwide issues that one state/country alone could not resolve. There was no world domination aspect involved...

    The second aspect is a conspiracy theory intended to induce mass hysteria by making claims of evil governments plotting world domination.

    Genetically modified foods have been around for a while now - developed mainly to regulate crops in very high demand to ensure supply.There is currently no proof they are harmful and they are considered safe to eat. It is not a casse of introducing bad organisms into food to depopulate...that is all part of the conspiracy theory.

    Of course if you subscribe to the conspiracy theory then you must be very scared about all of this and that must be horrible.

    Although not BI related (and not everything here has to be BI related but for some reason I expect it usually will be ) this turned out to be interesting after all.

    Take care.

  • Yup, without my meds, I'd be seizuring all over the place.

  • Snap

    I'd be performing my version of the 80s breakdancer Classic the worm on floor all over the place

  • Great response iforget I am totally agree with your response and would have said it myself if I had been able to organise my thoughts so well as you. We do not live in an idealistic world and have to do and live in the way that is right for us as individuals. It is about individual choices. Everyone who has responded has also added things that apply to me too. But I will add that I used to cook from basic ingredients but now can't manage to follow and safely keep my attention on cooking anything other than basic meals I do have to use processed meals that I can easily and safely heat in the microwave. A lifestyle change I have had to accept as means I continue to live independently. Not my choice but a necessity. Also not had choice about medications as likewise a lifesaving necessity. Life is not so black and white with choices and decisions. Totally impressed Matt2584 that you wish to live your life in an organic, non chemical and unpolluted way and clearly you have very strong feelings about what you believe caused your brain tumour but maybe it would be more helpful if you felt able to tell us about your experiences when you found out you had a brain tumour and were going through treatment rather than blasting us with extreme opinions. You sound very wound up, anxious and stressed about things and maybe that is something you need to seek advice or help with as that can't be good for your health and wellbeing either. Best wishes.

  • Lol love the Natwest online banking bit, best laugh I've had in ages! Thank you :)

  • First off, I live in Gosport, so high-five o/

    Gotta agree with iforget here though, I'm not entirely sure what you're saying...Today I was in the chemist, and they reminded me that I get my pills for free when I was about to pay them! They're also lovely, so take heart in that :)

    Also, if someone's buying ready meal lasagne and expecting it not to be full of shite then I wouldn't hold out too much hope for them in any other aspect in life, and I haven't met anybody that thinks Diet Coke is healthy.

    I absolutely annihilate Diet Pepsi on a daily basis, so hopefully the same wont happen to me ;)

  • Didn't have to buy an ice cream, they do salad and water and fruit...... Just saying.

  • Apologies for the N. W. O rant. I was a bit annoyed when I was writing this and was letting off steam.

  • We all need to let off a little steam now and again... Glad you are okay

  • Thanks for understanding iforget! I'm not normally the type of person be steam worthy :) but I guess this time I lost it. All better now. I'd rather come across as the friendly chap people know me for :).

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