How to get mum to see she's changed?

My mum fell down the stairs a few years ago. Physically she has recovered pretty well and mentally I'd say the effects have been relatively mild. But she's not the same person she was. More outspoken and critical of people, especially my dad. More compulsive - discount/deal hunting is now a daily obsession. Among some other things. However, in her view she's made a full recovery. I can't help thinking she could make a fuller recovery if she'd start by accepting there are things that have changed. But how to convince her that there is a first step worth taking? Anyone similar experiences or suggestions would be a great help.

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Different to my situation but the only suggestion I can think of is talk to Headway, they might be able t suggest something - For Head Office 020 8640 8413 (best if using a mobile or Freephone 0808 8002244 free from a landline only.


Personality changes seem to be common after head injury ; an integral part being outspokenness.

My family tell me I'm very different than pre-bi and I admit that I've become much more impatient and impulsive, with a newly found 'NEED' to improve my mood by buying stuff.

But although I do accept that this is new behaviour, I think there is an element of reasoning in the back of my mind that, after a life-threatening health issue, I want to live life more fully with a little less caution and repression.

I've spent all my life counting the pennies and feel it's time to reap some of the benefits, within reason, in case fate plays another rotten trick.


Hi, it is really difficult for those who have had a head injury to understand that they have changed & I have found its not much use reminding my hubby continually as it just gets frustrated.

Have you thought of checking with GP whether mum has anything else wrong with her? I have found medical staff can hang everything on the head injury when in fact there is another medical problem that has not been thought of.

I do empathise with you & your family, mum became very critical (taking her out shopping was a nightmare as she had a go at every shop assistant & was seriously rude) & compulsive after my dad died. Eventually we found that she was not coping as she tried to cope with loosing him.


Speaking one's mind and getting a bargain? That's a bad thing? I think she's just either become a/ normal or b/ Yorkshire. Or maybe she now thinks that, as life's too effing short, she should just get on with being real. Maybe NTs should take a leaf out of our (TBIers) book?

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