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Blown my top

Havent been on her e for a while cos i have been going the group meetings beento about 4 now and am going on the group trip know my anixty will kick in big time but will do it . Waffling now reason im on just had a phone call were my father told me my brother has banged his head and has a headache ok so far well this is what broke me he then said that him and my brother are like me now! I saud what do you mean he said we have all banged our head now , that was when i lost it and called him names and told him to f off then my elderly auntie rang me up to tell me the same thing but i was in red mist mode and i told her to f off as well which i shuldnt off but i did to be campered to someone who never even had to go to hospital as far as i know to me which has been nearlly two years now and still deem to be getting worse i dont know maybe overreacting but has anyonr had the same and how do you deal with it?

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sadly lack of understanding from family members appears to be common amongst a few of us on here. It is very hard to cope with, sometimes I decide I am not going to even expect any understanding from mine but other times I am not able to brush it off and it hurts :(

I guess the trick is to turn to others on here for understanding, I think its easier to empathise with something you have experienced personally. Trouble is when you aren't turning to them but they come out with some jokey comment like your dad did, not sure how to avoid that.

I think a lot of the hurtful, lacking in understanding comments we endure are actually well meant. It must be hard for our families as well I guess, and I suspect there is often a note of denial in there too - i.e. they don't want to face the reality so they joke it off in the hope we will 'get better and snap out of it'!

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I like that last comment they hoke it off and think we will snap out of it that is excattly how i feel they are all acting all apart from my wife who at times has to remind me of my limits

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I can sometimes laugh at it, they have no idea. Part of them won't accept that there is never going to be a quick fix and you will go back to factory settings. They don't see a dent in your head or a scar, so it can't be real.

I hope you are bedding in with your Headway group. It takes a while to get to know them but I bet every problem you have someone else around the table has and they can probably come up with something to make life easier.

Headway was the one place I could talk freely of my anger, frustration, feelings etc. knowing that no-one would judge. The Headway staff were brilliant for helping.


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