slipped through the ne

my son suffered a severe brain injury when he was 4, he is now 39, there was never any follow up for him, he slipped through the net, at my insistence last year he had a neuropsychological assessment. it confirmed all my worst fears and he has been diagnosed with a raft of cognitive problems under the general heading of cognitive impairment, it is his one and only assessment in 35 years. my question is, is he entitled, as of right, to a neurologic assessment/ diagnosis? Are there other assessments he is entitled to? he suffers right side paralysis as a consequence of the injury, but because he has no diagnoses/hard evidence about his disabilities the authorities are inclined to treat him as able bodied which he is not, and would continue to do so were it not for the neurological assessment

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Sorry to hear this, your son must have struggled so much through out his life. I would think if he had a written report of his difficulties that should enable you to access support for him. May be give headway a ring and they will be able to advise the best way forward. Good luck.


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