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Picking up nicely

So things are starting to be alright.

I've been at uni for a good long period of time now (8 weeks, then 4 weeks off for Easter, then another 5 weeks back at uni). I've been feeding myself etc, and even had a house party for my birthday which went well.

People will be leaving soon though, which is a bit crap. I hate the time that's been stolen from me.

Oh well, brain haemorrhages aren't all fun and games I suppose.

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Being at Uni is such a motivational time and some of the best times.

I am so glad to hear you are enjoying it, apart from the usual pressure of exams! Lol

I am slightly envious and love hearing about your experiences. Thank you.


Well done Ben, glad its all coming together for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength xxxxxx Janet


I'm glad its working out!, I'll be making the 300 mile round trip to pick up youngest daughter from Uni. in just over a week. Soon after she came home at Christmas she started missing her new friends.

When I worked at a local Uni. my office overlooked a green area adjacent a busy central campus. I'll always remember this time of year, the pressure of exams over, fine weather, students relaxing in the sun, and seeing a lot of very tearful goodbyes being said. Happy days!



Don't dwell on the time 'stolen' Ben, just treasure the good times.

And the good times didn't come easy did they, so well done for all you've achieved and I hope there's heaps more good stuff headed your way. :-/ xx


My daughter is off to uni later this year. I think I'm more worried than she is.


Yes it's quite a change for parents. My daughter had been on the Student Room chat room for weeks beforehand and had already made a set of friends before she started.

Oh, and the food/electricity bills here dropped markedly too ;-)

Tell her to watch out for 'Freshers Flu', all those teens meeting together from all over the place as well as the freshers week excesses, leaves the immune system severely bombarded.



Thanks, I will. She did a year in college after sixth form, unfortunately the stress of my accident followed by her dad getting very ill the week after, followed by her granny(dads mum) dying and a few month later grandad( my dad) then her other grandad having a heart attack then his sister had a major stroke then great gran died and papa died in same week.

Top that off with dad getting posted to England on tac med wing in and out of Afghanistan, then me getting more control and her feeling like she was losing her purpose. Well she got ill, PTSD and reactive depression, OCD. She was all set to go last year with her friends but then grandads sister died, my grandad died, and it all wen pear shaped again.

I was worried about when my bro lost his legs and my gran (90) was having hip replacement at same time in Feb this year, but she was ok.

I think she is a lot happier now. She will not be too far away either. We sorted out the halls today, her best friend from school helped us and will be sharing the flat. It scary for me not having that confidence to arrange this stuff on my own with her, but I think it's time for her to do something for herself and not have to worry about us.


Wow, you have been through it! I can empathise with a lot of your experiences. Why does everything happen at once?

Take care, Dev




It's weird, it doesn't feel like the momentous victory I thought it would be.


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