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Children are one of lifes gift's stories what you hear on the new's about issues relating to children on the new's in the world around us , What has the world come to, I think it is a bad society for children, when they get abused and amonghst other things you hear it all the time. It is APPAULLING, and no child should ever have to go through bullying ect as it is happening more these days, because of our future technology. Children should be able to feel loved and secure and untowards any harm, and my point is i am a mother and things arent always that easy with a t.b.i, But i would rather hand myself to the police than let any harm come to my child. My child does get love, But if i hadnt had the head injury, i woiuld of done things differently and he would of got more love, I do my best, and he knows i love him, because i always tell him. I also sell his old toys and the money i get back goes into an account towards college when he gets older. i have been doing this for five years and reached the grand mark, So in a sense despite problems i do think positive.

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Keep doing what you're doing Mich and your boy will have an excellent start. As a single-parent family we never had much materially, but there was never a shortage of love.

The old Dionne Warwick song said it all. . . . . . . " It's the only thing that there's much too little of." xx


aww thankyou that's really kind of you to say that, yes I agree we my mum aways loved us and did things for us, decorating ect, she was like wonder women and had three of us, she isn't very well herself. so I try not to worry her, if I don't feel well,


I was the same with my mum ; never wanted to add to her problems with mine. Just glad she wasn't around long enough to be aware of my haemorrhage ; her own mother died of a brain haemorrhage fairly young.

She wasn't demonstrative but her caring ways and fond glances said it all. . . . . . . . and she was my best friend. xx


iam sorry to hear that cat, yes my mother , and grandmother use to send me lovely cards, and my grandmother always put heaven sent on my cards, because before my brain injury i use to always try and help others, rather than think about myself,

After my accident i did struggle and still have problems but i dont always say that i did help with amember of my family regardless, And at the same time take me son and cook meals for people if they wasnt well, push myself basically, but that has always been something i never lost, after injury,

I have just gave some nearly new childrens clothes to a childrens bone cancer charity. i would normally sell outgrown clothes for my childs funds, But i do think of others, i use to find gardening theraputic, i have a lovely garden it does tire me out though, i still do things but it frustrating because i use to do a whole lot more and i get frustrated because i want to be a tower of strenghth for other people, insted half of it. your mum will be looking down, a guardian angel, and i hope you are ok and you look after yourself.


:-) :-/ xx


my mother was too, best friend and granmother, use to take grandmother out in wheelchair when she got ill, Also make ham shank broth or chicken, and grate all the vegetables, when she got to a stage where she could'nt eat solids because of her cancer. She and i was soul friends. i loved her deeply.xx


i mentioned in one of my post that had a few medical issues, but the doctors at my surgery dr singh and jones are lovely doctors and have always trusted them, i just can never seem to get them, all the time so i end up seeing different ones, i remember dr singh was very good as well with my boy, when i was worried about him, so he sent him for some tests and even though i sometimes dont think before i speak, but its a shame when you can't see the same doctors these days. i do respect alot of g.ps. i just get very tired and frustrated because of the problems wth my neck, and not knowing if i have an impairment or not, i am a nice person but need a bit of direction to discuss, this properly i go the wrong way about things, but i just cant help it. please can any help


We often mention 'Broken Filters' on here. Most of us seem to have lost that bit of brain which filters out inappropriate thoughts............... thoughts which feel perfectly appropriate to ourselves but which others would (and do) find offensive/upsetting.

I think it's 'Hedgehog' who says that we need to pause each time we speak to give our brains time to catch up with our mouths. It's something I've started practising and has saved me from countless awkward situations. :o

Simple but very effective !! xx


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