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The 'Grinch' who stole my know!


How do you communicate what you are feeling when a SAH has taken your voice and ability to write and think coherently? If you cannot communicate with family, friends or health care professional how can they know what you are feeling or understand the emotions you are going through? During my operation to clip two aneurysms I was unaware that a Grinch was sitting on the surgeons shoulders, as was he. When my head was opened up to the world the Grinch help himself to all my 'know' and put it in his little sack. When I woke I had the understanding of a toddler, trapped in a adult body, could not speak fluently and the ability to write had gone. My understanding of the world was in fragments and I didn't know how to put them together again. Why? Because the Grinch had stolen my know! I have spent 3 years chasing the Grinch to get back my know and understanding of the world, based on my experiences. I am please to say I have regained much of my know and the ability to be able to write and speak again.

I have an idea to attempt to improve communication between family members, in particular, by putting know and understanding into information about SAH's. A very talented friend who is a filmmaker and animator helped me visualise this and the concept of Storypath was created.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the idea. Please visit Storypath to see the film/animation:

Many thanks for your time and interest,

Alice xx

P.S. The primary disability I was discharged with was Acute Expressive Aphasia. Weakness on the right hand-side on the body being secondary.

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This is fantastic, just what is needed, I was lucky I worked it out for myself and have spent the last two years treating myself as a toddler, making myself relearn all those things that I did at the age of 2-5, I couldn't catch a ball, but now I can. I learnt to write again with the aid of the type of exercises you give a child in school. Courtesy of my daughter in law who is a primary school teacher.

I was not dismayed that I would have to do this, I saw it as a challenge. I need to get back my love of reading again but my brain is still young, it will come, it just may take longer. I have so many things to relearn what I need now is the patience, plus now I have some physical issues to overcome xxthank you for showing me this I am sure it will help countless others understand the journey, I do not use Facebook or Twitter or I would share it, but I will make it known to my family and friends xx


Alicedenham in reply to Kirk5w7

Thank you Janet, your comments are really helpful and encouraging. It is a really long and frustrating journey and my family really did not understand the toddler bit. Often they would say things as if I were an adult not understand why I got upset. You would never ask a toddler complex ideas and concepts and expect them to understand! Difficult to put across when you don't have the tool of communication to explain. I wish I could get the story commissioned and developed in order to help others to improve communication between family and survivor - fingers crossed it will happened! Thanks again for taking the time to view it. Alice xx

Fabulous... must admit the early part made me dizzy but the video is great and the idea behind it is superb. Good Luck with the project

Alicedenham in reply to iforget

Thank you for your kind words, fingers crossed the project will get backing :-)

Hi Alice, brilliant. What I've needed all along, to show when can't explain. I too aneurysm/aphasia. Thank you. Agree with Janet and Iforget. Will show everyone. K

Alicedenham in reply to aqua4

Thank you for your kind words and support for the project.

Absolutely brilliant. Story depicts exactly how I feel, but cannot explain. Good luck with project. I am sure it will help BI and their families . I will share on Facebook

Alicedenham in reply to Sem2011

Many thanks for your kind words and support too.

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