For Broken_Doll AKA Emma

For Broken_Doll AKA Emma

Hi Emma,

If you are reading this, which I hope you are, I am letting you know that you have not been forgotten about and we are still thinking of you :).

Hope you are doing well and here is a picture I drew a while back that might put a smile on your face :).

I remember you saying how you liked bulldogs.

Hope we get to speak to you again sometime soon :).

MJ, Matt, Eugene.

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  • Please add my name to those sentiments Matt. xx

  • And mine xx

  • I like this pic Matt.Yes Emma hope you still ok.Hopefully you up n about a bit now??noticed your reply to randomphantoms loveley dabbling with words poem. I like that too :-)


  • I am glad you like the pic, Karen :).

  • I was down your neck of the woods last weekend?Portland?

  • I think you mean Portsmouth :). And I actually live in the town next to Portsmouth, Gosport is the name.

  • No Matt i must have waved as i went past lol.I went further down past Weymouth.Never mind-thought I was nearby!

  • You mist have waved as you passed by but I didn't see it I'm afraid, sorry :).

    Portland is probably 2-3 hours West of me :).

    You went South from where you are, so you were heading in the right direction :).

    What area are you from again? I think you mentioned one time but I forgot.

  • Shropshire

  • Yes, that's right. I remember the 'shire' part :).

    How is it in Shropshire?

    Americans have great difficulty pronouncing 'Shropshire' :).

  • Its nice and sunny lately.I've been sitting in the garden quite a bit- not working or driving at the moment because of the episodes I've been having.

    The dog has been grateful for my company :-)

  • That's good you have a dog to keep you company too. I couldn't look after a dog or any pet really. Plus I have never really been interested in getting a pet.

    My parents keep me company, mainly my mum.

    The weather down here has been well dodgy this year. We have had some nice days but we have also had a lot of gloomy, cold days. Not your typical Spring weather. Today is bright and dry but I think it is chilly outside though.

  • Fab drawing Matt. Clever so and so.

  • Thank you Mal :).

  • Like the pic Matt. Very thoughtful. Hi Emma from me x

  • Thanks aqua :).

  • Indeed best wishes!

  • Thank you Matt, I love the picture.. You really are talented! :)

    Thank you to all for the well wishes

    Emma x

  • Hi Emma,

    I am glad you saw the picture :).

    I wasn't sure if you would notice or not. I am used to people not noticing me haha.

    Thanks for saying I am talented, I feel special now :). It makes me go all giddy haha.

    Hope you are doing ok :).

    Take care,


  • Yes, I really am talented. This isn't a joke :).

  • And modest, it seems ;)

  • Oh yes, I am so modest it is untrue :).

  • Great pic Matt. I remember I thinks Emma like dog/this picture

  • Thank you Sem :).

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