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Atrial fibrillation with low pressure headaches

Having had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) 11 years ago and subsequently had a shunt put in. I have had continuous low pressure headaches with neurological symptoms, at times this presents as facial numbness, usual headaches and at worse discomfort in chest area. My shunt has now been tied off for 2years. I have recently been getting the chest discomfort and sudden changes to B/P. Just over a week ago Atrial fibrillation (AF) presented itself in full force and I have been started on Bisoprolol. I now have worsening neurological symptoms. I am wondering if this new drug which keeps my B/P low could be making my low pressure symptoms worse ? Could the low pressure be putting pressure on the nerves I am just worried that this will sound silly to the neuro bods and Cardiology. But that's how it feels.

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Dear saralee21

This certainly does sound like something you should discuss with your Dr. Some of the side effects of the medicine are similar to neurological type symptoms such headaches, tiredness, dizziness and feeling weak here is a link to the patient information leaflet for the medicine if you do not have one: medicines.org.uk/emc/PIL.25...

However you also need to check with your Drs if your worsening symptoms could be as a result of the AF. As you will be aware your hearts 'output' may not be as efficient during AF and as well as affecting oxygen delivery to your body there can also be an increased risk of stroke. This is the worse case scenario and not intended to worry you further but more of a reassurance that your Drs would not find you questioning this as 'silly'.

Please do contact our helpline if you need to talk things through on free phone number 0808 800 22 44.

Best wishes



Thank you for your response and the link. I did manage to speak with the GP this morning and an appointment for the anti coagulation clinic has come through.


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