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I never know with headaches I get a fair few, constantly just there...but recently with a bout of, we think, sinusitis I'm now getting the usual weird sharp pains in the head that are out of the ordinary. I still have a shunt, and this will not be removed unless it is causing problems, so every time I have an unusually severe headache/pain especially around that area it's big panic by my GP, nhs24 just sends the ambulance round and it's a month of scan after scan while I enevitably feel worse! I refuse to keep doing this, but there is no other option out there if I get a severe pain in my head more than normal. The past few weeks I've been getting a stabbing pain behind my right eye, and this sometimes can be felt over my right side towards the back of my head, where the shunt is.... should I be getting it checked or is it just the effects of my injury/a bad migraine/ bad sinusitis?! I totally get the post re calling us hypochondriacs! Hehe sorry for long post!

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Hi Katy

I think that we can all vouch for the fact that the merest hint of a snuffle makes all our other things soooo much worse.

Of course you should get it checked out.

Just wondering....do you have light sensitivity? I'm asking because this time of year with the sun being lower was can get a lot of light coming from the side.

Wrap around sunglasses work well or , if you are a spec wearer like me, you can get sunglasses that fit over your specs and have sides to them. Brilliant!

Love n hugs


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Thanks, it has been a few weeks- I've requested the contact details of the neurologist I saw last time I was taken into hospital as he said at the time I should ask him direct and not go through my GP. I'm terrible at getting stuff done though - I really should get my eyes checked out again they've declined rapidly in the past few months! So yes I wear specs :-) I've always been a little photo sensitive but again, not really done much about it!

Thanks again, Katy xx


Any unusual or persistent symptoms after brain injury should be checked out. Hypochondria doesn't come into it Katy ; we've all had, or got, serious health issues and even if it turns out to be a benign cause, safe is wa-a-a-y better than sorry .................for both you and your caregivers ! xx


Yes I know, I'm just reluctant to go for tests that get in the way and stop me being there for my boys - that's it ultimately I guess! Xx


Make sure you're there for your boys by getting the all-clear, or any treatment you might need..............and staying well Katy ! xx


Yes, ok I'll make the appointments tomorrow - I'm nipping to my local headway hopefully on Tuesday so maybe they can help advise how this checking can all be a bit easier! Xx


Good girl. ;-) x


Couldst agree more with the above. Get it checked out ASAP. May be nothing.

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Hi 19McG87,

Just before I was diagnosed with my first brain tumour, I had severe headaches, was sick, had black eyes and lost weight.

After my operations, whenever I got a headache my parents would worry.

I expect many people get headaches after having brain surgery so it may seem common.

However, around the time of my operations was also the time when my diet was horrible. I had a massive sweet tooth and I would always be eating something sweet/acidic.

I have changed my diet for the better now. Over the years I have slowly weaned off the sugar intake because sugar is not good for you or refined sugar isn't.

I try to eat more natural foods now. When I was younger I did not touch natural foods. I didn't really like eating them whole such as apples and so on.

I've got a Nutri bullet and I usually have various fruit or veg and whizz it up so it is easier to eat, plus it can taste much better too.

Anyhow, I am glad I eat more naturally now as I haven't actually had a headache in a long time.

I have a shunt as well and in the past that has blocked up or malfunctioned and I have had to have them replaced.

Eating more naturally, for me, seems to have helped me with the shunt too, I hope. I haven't had any surgery for six years now.

From the things I have read before, I believe that my neurological problems appeared because of my awful, acidic diet. That is my belief. I know not many will believe that.

Eating more naturally is eating more alkaline foods which is much better for your body.

Take care,



That's nice to hear confirmed, I'm definitely trying to change my diet - I gave up caffeine a few months ago - it's not made a cast difference apart from when I do have it, I get a bad 'hangover' after! You sound like you've been in and out for years, all the best it's good your finding ways to help and you've had 6 years operation free! Katy :-)

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Yes, 1996 was when I was first diagnosed with a brain tumour and it should have been a couple of bouts of surgery and that be the end of it but it didn't go that way :(.

While trying to attend high school and better my education, I also had to visit the hospital a few times and I ended up having to leave school a year earlier than my other school mates.

I used to drink coffee quite a bit equipped with the odd biccy or two :) but I don't drink much coffee now and go for more herbel/fruit teas, ginger tea is one of my favourites and ginger is very good for you too.

I don't eat many biscuits now either.


I am doing exactly the same for just over a year now I have slowly started to eliminate certain foods and dairy.

I have lost the weight over a period of time by this change and my taste buds have completely changed.

Me too with the biscuits but now and again do have a sneaky few but not very often.

I have reflexology more often now and looking at trying Reiki....going down the holistic root


Glad to hear it Gabi :).

You have improved from eating cleaner, do you feel better, healthier for it as well? Did you have pains/headaches, and have they weakened from a better diet, if you had any?

I still eat some sugary, acidic foods at times but they can't always be avoided when you have all these supermarkets with all their processed foods (Or as I call them 'fake foods' or even 'dirty foods'). Processed foods are packed with sugar, even savoury foods!

Condiments like tomato ketchup has sugar in it.

I say it's the supermarkets but it's not just them. Newsagents are pushing fake food too, even greengrocers. Well they're not really greengrocers at all now.

I have heard of Reiki but don't know a lot about it. I do a little bit of Tai chi and yoga.

I can understand it when people get annoyed when I talk about eating naturally to improve your health cos trust me, I used to be the same before I started eating more cleaner.

But for me all I have to do is think why are there holistic doctors out there? If all prescription drugs were said to be 'effective' with no side affects at all then there wouldn't really be any need for holistic doctors.

Think of the native Americans, the Amish people and so on. They do not have any pharmaceutical drugs and they get through life just fine.


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