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just had my first ride in a ambulance. on Friday the 2nd may I had a Migrane attack bright lights it got really bad my face went numb I felt sick bad headaches this went on longer than usual nearly two hours, so I phoned the doctor who said dial 999 now so I did paramedic took blood pressure which was going too high 220 over 107,

so off to casualty we went the doctors and nurses were good but what I did not like was having to repeat myself too many times when I saw a different person,

I told them I had brain damage and how I got it,

the replies were,

are you sure,

is that confirmed,

I have never heard of that before,

you look well,

you have plenty of colour in your face,

for those of you that do not know I got my brain damage from a vaccination amongst other things,

one doctor said he thinks I should go back to see my neurologist, you know the one what told me he could not do any thing and I would have to sort myself out as he had other patients worse than me, and never told me about headway, I have been telling everybody I have seen that I am getting worse so now I have had a life threatening

high blood pressure attack , so now we will see what the doctors will do now, but all is not lost I am going to see a faith healer I have been waiting for over 6 months it is called ATOS I have read that many sick and dying people have seen them and have been declared fit for work I cant wait for the miracle cure,

love to you all you never know this might be my last post to you all, xxxxxxx john.

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Ooh that sounds awful! Where are you now back home or still at hospital?


thanks for the reply I am back home , it was worse than awful.


Yep, if you went to Atos now they would probably say that BP that high is equivalent to a power lifter - so your fit enough for construction work :-)

Anyway all the best to get back to your new normal


All that and you still have a sense of humour! Hope you feel better soon. I know a couple of people who carry a full what happened to them document which can be handed out to a Doctor so you don't have to plough through the history when you are really rough.

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I have a full set of history, symptoms and scores of how I progressed since my injury that I give to anybody working on my case. It saves me trying to remember it and gets round the repetition


I hope they have a sense of humour at ATOS, I don't care anymore.


Are 'Atos' and 'sense of humour' an oxymoron?


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