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Tired Out

Tried to be clever today took no 1 son to station (He's working abroad for 3/4 days ) then we (the family) decided to have a drive through Peak District to Buxton for Shopping we then went through Bakewell to Peak Shopping Village and the back home Driving for two hours but out for five

I have proved once again that its too much for me as all the concentration needed for driving tires me out

I enjoyed the run but glad I was home before the tourists came out

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Well done you, I could have managed the trip but not the driving too. We did a weekend in London a few weeks ago laid me up for 3 days after!!


I know how you feel my husband and I went on a 6 day coach trip to Scotland , well I was in bed for a week when we got back recovering , I was so totally tired absolutely worn out .


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