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Hi Guys, just back from the GP, i saw him in March after the TBI team wrote to him asking hin to referrer me back to the pain clinic, He told me he doesn't remember saying he would referrer me! When i asked should i make another appointment he said i was being sarcastic! should i take my Headinjury survivor card with me at my next appointment or is that being sarcastic as well?

Best Wishes

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Our last GP was pretty good I have to say but our new GP (we moved 200 miles) is not so good.

Hubby went to him for mess review and he hadn't south as read his notes. He said he doesn't know anything about head injury! Hubby suggested seeing another GP in the practice and he said no need we all know you as well as each other ( ummm not at all them)

So he promised to read the notes which of course are complex and get back to us. That took two weeks. In fairness he did then get back and book a second appointment and fully reviewed the meds. But even then he didn't quite know why one of the meds was prescribed so was guessing, yet we know it is clearly recorded in the notes.

Oh well

Good luck with yours and don't give up as you deserve to get the treatment that you need.

Can you go back to TBI team and get them to write again??? X


Could speak to brain injury team in social work and ask them to come with you. Maybe h was just feeling a little sheepish for forgetting.


I had a really good GP but she retired. She told me she had discussed me with the new GP so he knew the situation. He took the attitude that there didn't look like a lot was wrong with me. After a year of him I saw another Doctor in the practise who was much more knowledgeable about my problems with memory, balance etc. I always try to see him now. They get very little training on head injury in medical school, many have very little idea of what it's like to be us.


I avoid the doctors as much as possible. I get my meds on repeat unless they decided they need to see me.

I have always ha a good relationship but I don't want to be a sick person.

I go to pain clinic regularly but that is prett much it these days unless I have a big change or major issue


Hi,I am surprised to hear that GP`s are not able to understand head injury and I asked myself: they really have been trained and graduated as medical practitioners?I see my GP occasionally and I know they don`t care about your condition, only when things go worse, maybe...Anyway, I think that there is a lack of listening skills nowadays and GP`s can give you just few minutes to listen about your symptoms and sometimes they get muddled on with other patients symptoms...


Well, there is a review now for GP`s ...they have to learn more about brain functions and mental health issues instead of prescribing drugs and refer to a long waiting list on NHS talking therapy


My GP also felt sheepish when he read one of my reports from way back when he realised there were quite a few recommendations on there - he thought someone else would be organising them even though the letter was to him


Thanks Guys, Have spoken to TBI team and Support worker and they are sorting something out for me? think i am by-passing the GP, i dont see him very often and now i remember why! (he hasn't got a clue) i do have to remind him, he was the one who told me i had trauma to C7 (neck injuries) as well as headinjury. And yes he has mixed me up with another patient before. Anyway

Onwards and upwards or something like that

Best Wishes to you all


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