Do you ever laugh at yourself?

It helps me to be able to laugh at me sometimes.

Can you laugh at you?

Ever laugh at the stupidity of a situation you are in?

Or laugh at me even! Lol I don't mind if I make people laugh, I'd rather make them laugh than make them unhappy.

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  • Oh yes, I thnk I laugh at my situation when I could easily get morbid. I laugh with my kids at the stupid things I do and say.

  • Yeah, it helps if others can laugh with you too. Lol

  • All the time, it helps the frustration of some occasions xxx

  • I confess that there were times that if he hadn't laughed at our situation we may have lost our sanity.....sadly sometimes others judged us for laughing and felt it was inappropriate. Guess what - usually those that judged have never lived with or supported BI........

  • We do laugh at the craziest of things. I think the kind of experiences we've all been through lead to having a broad spectrum of humour that others would not appreciate or understand.

  • It helps me to understand how I don't work and helps me to accept it in some way at least.

    Some of it is so stupid!! You've got to laugh!

    I used to take everything so seriously and take myself too seriously.

  • My partner says I'm having a bit of a "Les, the pub landlord" moment.

    If you remember The Fast Show?

  • All the time! My other half (with the BI) retained a wicked sense of humour despite quite severe cognitive impairment. It has kept her from getting depressed.

    At the carers group I go to, they highlight many therapies. I've always fancied trying Laughter Therapy.

    Cheers, Dev

  • Yep, laugh at myself all the times, you have to with all the stupid things you do. Today had to put a postcode into the car sat nav for the wife. Repeated it over and over again so that I could remember it. Left the house, 10 ft to the car, opened the car and what was the post code again.

    If I didn't laugh I would kick the car door in

  • You just made me laugh reminding me of forgetting things instantly!!

    Maureen??? Lol

  • Oh, yes, and love the Fast Show... Scorchio ;-)


  • Have you got them on dvd?

    So much fun.

    Father Ted still has me in bits!

    It's so wrong! Lol

  • Errrr - got a couple on VHS but player long dead...

    There's a sense of power and expression in being able to joke about the situation we find ourselves/partners in, "outsiders" are often too worried about being politically correct to appreciate the inside humour.

    The 'mental health hotline spoof' is so wrong too, I was fearing such a system when I called the Tax Helpline :

    WARNING! the clip below contains material which some may find offensive, please do not listen to it unless, like us, you have a need to laugh in the face of adversity.


  • We should call it "hard humour" maybe?

    I like the recorded message !

    Laughing in the face of adversity is good.

    Keep the enemy confused by laughing insanely ! lol


  • how do I get this on my answer phone

  • Fast show special on bbc2 tonight!

  • Saw it !

    New Chocolate cheesey peas !

    Was good.

  • I'm sure they said it was one of two specials, will have look out for the second!

  • Did you see the 2nd special ? Even better than the first one.

    I think they needed the practise to get back in character.

  • Yes, loved it! Youngest daughter got irritated with me when I had a dry throat the other day, so I played the Bob Flemming collection from youtube to get even ;-)

  • 2nd Fast Show tonight 10pm, (13 June) !


  • Watched it!

    Did you?

    We were rolling around with laughter.

    Black! Black! It's all black! Lmho

  • Yes, cheesy peas app!

    They should bring it back :-)


  • I had to create a new password on our GP website to order my prescriptions.

    Where you have to write it twice?

    It took me at least ten attempts! Lmho!

  • I do laugh at myself sometimes, and I generally come off looking like an insane person.

  • We all understand that people can't see things from our perspective, especially our sense of humour.

  • I laugh at my situation every day of the week, I have to. It's a bit like the old adage that you can't love anyone until you love yourself. Well, you can't expect people to accept your circumstances and laugh at them until you can do precisely that yourself!

    I laugh when I lose my keys in my own pocket. I laugh when I can't find my coat and realise I threw it over my shoulder, and myself and my partner wet ourselves in Asda when I'm about to complain about the tannoy announcement,

    'Will all you b*st*rds please go to home and leisure' until the Baroness points out that they said, 'will all cue busters go to home and leisure'. Even my partial hearing is a source of constant amusement :)

  • Absolutely spot on !

    You cant love other people until you love yourself.

    .....and forgive yourself for the stupid things we all do from time to time.

    Got me again !!! Losing my keys in my own pocket !!! Agghgh !!!

    Searched my pockets again and again then give up. Ten minutes later, hand in pocket and there they are ! lol lol You 100% know they weren't there earlier. Or were they?

  • I think it's just Quantum Mechanics, the mere act of observing something changes the outcome.

    At least that's what I tell people when I can't find things hidden in plain sight ;-)


  • I buy old CDs and old DVDs on Amazon really cheaply.

    A couple of quid for each for used items or even new ones.

    The market for DVDs and CDs has collapsed so good buys to be had.

  • So many times then cant stop! My son is used to me ringing him laughing, he says oh no what have you done now! Not today though after phonecall from Atos. Thats all it takes to return to reality. K

  • :D Yes all the time ;)

  • Sometimes when everything is going wrong: the DWP, HMRC, housing, family, adult social care, NHS treatments, GP, my body, my head, the dog, my car, the tin opener.....

    I just laugh at the stupidity of all of it. Its all so stupid. lol

  • Laughters the only thing that keeps us sane!!!!!!!! I think?

  • I told someone who I had not seen for a long time what had happened to me and that I had brain damage ,

    he said what are talking about you have all ways have had brain damage you are a complete loony,

    I could not stop laughing it really made my day when we talked about the loony things I used to do

    and he is not the only one to say it some people don't like it but to me it is Comedy Gold still laughing even now.

  • It's a life-saver though isn't it ?

    My friend from childhood & I don't see each other very often but we talk on the phone about once a month. And as we compare all our unfortunate, and often tragic, events of recent times we become helpless with laughter at the relentlessness of it all and the fact that life can be 'such a bitch'. Perhaps that does make us loonies, or maybe it's that laughter is dangerously close to tears ?

  • take it from me cat3 I was a loony still am but only on the inside now I don't get many chances to be myself and a complete loony anymore but you never know one day?

  • Well I hope so John.

    But your looniness does show through here from time to time & it's so uplifting and refreshing, so all is not lost ! :-/

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