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Do you ever get that feeling

That you're kind of trapped inside your own body? Like, everything seems to work fine, but there's just that strange sensation that you and your body are like two different entities?

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Can't say I do, BSA. I do feel like I am trapped in a body that does not listen properly to my commands,though ! : ) Do you mean like a dissociative type feeling ?

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Yeah I suppose so, I don't really feel like it's me typing this right now.


My psych calls it Derealisation & it's something I've experienced since my teens. Once I learned it was a recognised condition, with a label, I began to feel less of a freak. But at its worst it can be disturbingly invasive and very isolating.

Are you troubled by this Ben ? x


I am, I always thought it would just go away but now it's making me panic.


It's a classic vicious circle because it's apparently a product of stress, which obviously is feeding your problem right now.

I don't know how you feel about meds, but it is an antidepressant which eases mine to a level where I'm not always aware of it.

More importantly, the drug is helpful in rendering the condition less significant so, even when it's doing its worst, I feel more irritated than panicked.

I know I've said this before Ben, but any exercise which gets the heart and breathing challenged is a great antidote.

Walking does it for me because of the additional scenic benefits. xx


I thought about it, but I take enough pills as it is Cat.

Also, training for the great south run ;)


So one more wouldn't matter would it ............................???

It's obviously your choice Ben but I don't know what else to suggest because medication is the only thing which ever worked for me.

I tried ignoring it (impossible),

counselling & other therapies, but none made any difference, hence the anti-depressants.

Please though, try not to panic ; it's a weird, disturbing condition but can't physically harm you.

Hope you'll find a way through this & sorry couldn't help. Love Cat xx


Hey maybe you're right...might not hurt to try it.

Thanks Cat x


:-/ xx


Only in dreams. Nightmares, more accurately. Not when conscious, but I hate the dreams so you have my sympathy.



Wake most days like that. I often seem to have to struggle to get fine motor bits working and clumsiness can be extreme.

Regularly fire meds all over kitchen when popping open the blister packs then hands and knees job hunting for lost pill under the cooker or washing machine. Can sometimes be quuite a fight between me and the dogs as to whos gonna take the pill first, god knows what it would do to them!

Sometimes feel like the real 'me' is looking at the other me through a foggy window. Weird or what.


Geoff, your final sentence is exactly how I used to describe the disconnected feeling.

And the daily pill debacle is something I'm also very familiar with !! xx

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"Foggy window" is pretty much bang on!


Dogs do have rather a death wish when it comes to dropped tablets don't they ? : ))


Lol yes especially when I woke up in hospital I finally looked in the mirror that was bizarre now I am leading someone else's life just waiting but I don't know what for? If that makes sense. Xx


Hi lew-ann,

I know what I'm waiting for, that's the REAL me to come back and re-inhabit my body but know that won't happen.

Still look good in the mirror though..... well at least I think I do.... others are less impressed often demonstrably so, particularly the wife lol ;-)

Take care



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