compensation fund financial management

I am a court appointed deputy for my daughter, she has funds currently managed by Barclays Wealth, I am not impressed with the service given plus the fact that we also bank with Barclays and they are closing the branch we use. So I am changing.

I have sought information from the COP regarding alternate fund managers but they say they are not permitted to do so. I have also asked Headway but they also are not permitted.

If you have funds well managed would you please share your experience

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  • My son has not received his compensation yet but his solicitor set up a Personal Injury Fund which in time we will manage. You do not have to go through a Fund Manager-we said no to all that.Try to get some free legal advice about this.

  • I can recommend Stan Coupe from Frenkel Topping. They specialise in managing personal injury and medical negligence compensation funds, know all about working with cop and Stan is absolutely lovely.

  • My solicitor set up my trust it was very simple. Having some money in a properly set up Trust fund may not affect the amounts you get in benefits

  • Thank you all for responding, I continue to collect advice

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