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Something For Everyone

Kirk5w7 recently posted a blog entitled 'Welcome to Holland'. I found it sad that very few people responded to the invitation to google that title and read the essay. Or maybe they did but failed to comment.

For those who haven't read it please, please do. It is a wonderful, clever metaphor for anyone, who's life has been changed forever by brain trauma or, indeed by any life changing illness or event. It's a pretty ingenious piece of writing which will take a couple of minutes to read but, once you 'get it' you'll be glad you did.

I'm really grateful to Kirk5w7 for bringing it to my attention.

It's made a lasting impression on me & I'd love to hear what effect (if any) it has on others. Here's the link: our-kids.org/Archives/Holla... Love, cat :-)

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I missed the original post so thanks for the link... I think it is brilliant and I shall be passing it along.


Blimey, someone was up very late last night. I've only just logged on........been to my grandson's birthday party today.

Glad you appreciated it, iforget, and please do pass it on, that was my plan.

Best wishes, x


My body clock is all out whack and I am not sleeping...sometimes its better to keep busy than to get all twisted up not being able to sleep.


I agree......that's why I was posting this blog in the early hours of this morning, then I noticed your reply was even later !

I find it difficult to sleep on such warm nights.......time to bring the fan down from the attic I think. Hope you have more success tonight. x


A nice piece of innovative writing. Rang a few bells too.

I doff my cap


I'm not surprised it rang bells with you , Baron. Hope things are OK.....ish with you.

Regards, cat :-)


Hi Cat,

Despite the continued best efforts of the DWP to hammer me into the ground, I'm fine thanks. Hope you're well too x


I'm ok thanks, Baron, apart from a touch of sunstroke yesterday (cutting the hedge for 5 hours in baking sun). Yes, I know, stupid, all things considered, but no one else is gonna do it !

Sorry you're having financial worries.....not good for people with brain injuries, but it goes with the territory doesn't it ? So unfair.

Hope things get sorted soon. xx :-)


Wear a hat!! I have quite a collection now, for just such an event :)

And thanks x


Oh dear......better not let my other half see this.....those are his words, but with an expletive in the middle, & he loves an ali.

Nice talking to you. xx


Completely missed this the first time. It's perfect and shall be sharing it...a lot. Thank you


Hi Charlie, How appropriate for you and Jake ???

Love & Best wishes. xx


Thanks Cat, I'm so glad more people have read it now I think it's so beautiful and a metaphor everyone needs at some time in their life Love Janet


Yes,Janet, I really wish EVERYone could see it; I'm not impressed by much any more but this really has left its mark on me. And thanks again for introducing it to us.

Best wishes, cat. :-) xx


Metaphorically it's a nice piece of simple writing which portrays the message well. I missed the original blog, like many others, and will remember it.


I agree, TC, it's the simplicity which makes it so effective......and accessible. Glad it works for you.

Regards x


I missed it as well, good read thanks :)

I love these metaphors - Spoons, Welcome to Holland ....

It's great to give these examples to friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who posts them and please continue to do so as when..........


I agree. If it hadn't been for Kirk5w7(Janet) I would never have heard of it...........& it sort of binds us all together with a common theme.

Take care, Leslie. xx :-)


Thanks Cat -it was really touching and made me think. Perhaps we should have a 'thought for the day' to inspire us on? x


Good idea,pollyanne. Maybe you should invite everyone to do just that. It would have us all rummaging for famous quotes on the internet..........could be interesting.

cat xx


I finally googled it and read it to Col, we both love it ,thanks cat3 xx


I just read this and it made me a bit teary. I know I have to embrace and accept the new me. How do I remember to do that? I'm so forgetful even if I write it down. Very deep and I get it


This was posted 8 months ago and I'm glad you've brought it back up for the benefit of those who weren't around at that time.

Yes it is very evocative when you 'get' it I agree.

At 21 months your recovery probably hasn't reached its equilibrium............far from it. There's plenty of time for your brain to create those alternative pathways which the experts talk so much about.

In the meantime it's hard, I know, but I also believe that the frustration we suffer actually gets in the way quite often & I sometimes notice that I'm more fluent and attentive when I'm not fighting my limitations quite so much. x


Innovative-definitely. Inspirational?-not so much. I will never appreciate anything about this horrendous condition. I lose important belongings all the time, I can not hold down a job because my memory is so poor, I am exhausted easily. I don't have the attention span to enjoy a good movie. I forget whole conversations at times. I'm young and I never dreamed that I would never be able to marry and raise children one day. Now the reality which was once so easily mine, is no longer so, the new reality is quite dark and hidden from the rest of the world. My disability is not obvious-it's camouflaged and likened to laziness, apathy, or pure incompetence. Nothing so great about Holland. Someone please take me back to Italy.


A nice analogy. Sometimes, you find yourself wandering along the dismal, night-time streets of an old, abandoned, ruined, industrial part of a town and just seem to be stuck in it, occasionally climbing to the top of a crumbling building and espying the bright, glittering life beyond, or looking at it through a rusty, steel fence topped with barbed-wire.

On other days, you're perhaps wishing for mountains but have actually learned to enjoy the waves at the seaside and the quaint market towns.

You even hear the needs from "Italy" and realize even the Italians have their bad days and places they'd rather not go ...


wow Eileen, I've literally only just seen this and read the article - it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes! That scenario applies to us all - and not wanting to steal the icing from the cake - it really rang bells with me as well - for another reason also.

It was the last holiday my husband and I had together, when we sailed our boat from E coast of England to Holland in company with 2 friends in their boat and met up with some dutch friends over there.

Never did I know then what would follow within 3 years of that and like others here, know I will not get those days or that life back again, will never be the person I was then! Many thanks to you and Janet for sharing it again with all of us. Shirley, xxxxx I like the idea of Quote for day as well!


Yes it's good that people are still resurrecting it so that newer members get a chance to read it, but it's also worth a second reading for the rest of us. We can always find associations which are upsetting but, hopefully, it's the final message which we're left with.

Your life is emerging like pieces of a jigsaw Shirley........maybe one day a picture will begin to form......................xx


Hi cat how are you today its wilf,im still not managing very well.I now finding it harder to read people how their feeling and expressing how i feel,and some people do not know how to take me or think im weird and keep their distance,which make me feel even wearse and withdrawn.Sorry i havnt ask you how you are,hope you are in good health and managing alright from day to day,stay strong im always here for you dont give up,best wishes wilf


I'm ok Wilf & thank you for asking.

I'm so sorry that you feel isolated from people, but you really are among friends here & you can join in with conversations whenever you like. Why not write a post about how you're feeling so that others can get to know you a bit better and make you feel more at ease.

I did send you a message a couple of weeks ago but maybe you haven't seen it ?..............have a look through your messages.

Talk soon I hope. Love Cat x


Hi Cat

Because I'm new here I've been dipping in and out of posts.

I've just come across your post 'Welcome To Holland' and read it through.

It's excellent and really makes you think. Not just to do with life after a brain trauma or illness but life in general. Well worth a read!

You always seem very positive and encouraging!

Anyone who reads this take Cat's advice and read our-kids.org/Archives/Holla... it doesn't take long but I think could make a difference.

Alice x


Thank you Alice for resurrecting this yet again. It's worthy of a second look for those of us who've already seen it, and I'm so pleased that you've brought it back to the top of the pile for those who haven't.

It's really evocative isn't it ; ringing bells for many of us.

Just a reminder that it was originally posted over a year ago by Janet (Kirk5w7) at a time when many people were away on holiday, and it bothered me that not enough people had seen it, so I gave it a second airing.

Thank you for bringing 'Welcome to Holland' to the fore once again Alice ; I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hope you're doing ok.

Cat xx


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