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Mother Brain Stroke

My mother went to temple at 10 AM in the morning, high temperature prevailing in the environment, reported uneasiness and was found by family memebers with confusion and difficulty to speak right language, words and unable to correctly identify people around. Rushed to hospital.

1)Diagnosed with Brain Stroke resulting Broca’s aphasia on evening 08.04.2014 (CT scan, MRI, Echo)

2)Doctor suggests that MRI results are evident that the attack was 3’rd minor attack.

3)Echo Result-RHD with Mild MS, Moderate MR

Doctor is trying to thin the blood and maintain INR above 1.5 and giving the following treatment:

1) Clexane Injection-40 mg (Brand- Sanofi) every 12 hrs since 8’th night 12 o clock in the night (IST)

2) Ecosprin-75 mg one tablet everyday- 10 PM in the night since 9’th (IST)

3) Homocheck-(Folic Acid + Pyridoxine) - 2 Tablets every 12 hrs since 9’th. (IST)

4) Atorlip-20 once in a day at 10’o clock in the night since 9’th (IST)

5) Warf- once in a day at 5 PM everday since 9’th (IST)

Warf dosage and INR results since 9’th of this month-

•9.04.2014- Before Warfarin

Test-12.1, MNPT-12, Ratio-1.01, INR-1.01

•9.04.2014- took Warf-(5 mg)

•10.04.2013- 3 mg- Test not done

•11.04.2014- 3 mg- Test-12.9, MNPT-12, ratio-1.08, INR-1.08

•12.04.2014- 3 mg- Test-13.4, MNPT-12, ratio-1.12, INR-1.18

•13.04.2014- 3 mg- Test not done

•14.04.2014- 4 mg- Test-12.3,, MNPT,12,Ratio-1.02, INR-1.02

•15.04.2014- 4 mg-Test-14.9, MNPT,12, Ratio-1.24,INR-1.23

•16.04.2014- 5 mg- Test-11.2, MNPT-12, Ratio-0.93, INR-0.93

NOTE- Test is done at 6 AM in the morning everyday and Warf- dosage is given at 5 PM in the evening every day, So test result are to be interperated with the dosage of Warf on the previous day of Warf.


1)Line of treatment is OK

2)Reason for INR fluctuation on Warf

3)Reason for the brain attack? Is it due to heart problem or some other reason which we are unable to identify till date.

4)Some kind of surgery is required??

5)My doctor suggests that Warf should act otherwise shall start alternative medicine

Diet- diabetic Food with minimum Vitamin K content.

Present Condition- Is able to identify and speak without evident problem.

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Oh my how is she and you doing now?looks like she is speaking?


Yes. She is able to identify and speak. Got recovered from the Broca’s aphasia. Now doctors have kept my mom on observation to maintain INR above 1.5 ( normal range as per them is to be 2.5 to 3.5) and giving the the treatment as mentioned above.

Can you please tell me if the line of treatment given to my mom is ok.




Hello v. You've certainly done your homework & it appears your mum is in good hands. It seems the problems have been addressed in time to allow her a good recovery........I really hope so.

Best wishes for further progress for your mum, and don't forget to look out for yourself.

Regards Cat.


Hello Cat,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please tell me if the line of treatment given to my mom is ok.

Was same treatment given by doctors for your recovery.

Thanks to pray for my mom




Dear Veerarun,

I understand this must be a very worrying time for you and your family but this is a forum for brain injury survivors, family and friends. We don't have any medical professionals here that could interpret these complicated results, or suggest what treatment is required. We would strongly recommend that you don't seek advice of this nature over the internet as one cannot vouch whether a person is qualified to answer.

Best Wishes



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