Hi everyone some thing new happened

I awoke last week and some thing was different i

Realized my headache had gone for the first time

Since my SAH I was not in pain this carried on all

Day and most of the next day then my headache came

Back but the strange thing is before it came back I had

A strange sensation like crackling in my head like some

One crumpling papers in my head anyone else had this?

But the good news is my headaches now are not constant

And can go hours without pain in my head

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It's great when something happens for the good isn't it. I've been conscious since I first came round in hospital of a crawling sensation on the left side of my skull/ scalp never the right. I was told it was the left side of my brain that the damage was done. This continued til about October last year when I felt I was deteriorating. It's started again in recent weeks and I now feel like I'm finally coming out that "bubble" and rejoining the real world.

I'm finding I am more able to do things I previously had trouble with, coincidence? Who knows, I'm just glad it's happening.

So I'm really pleased you are seeing progress, long may it continuexxxxx

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Sounds like electrical activity in the brain ? Maybe there's some repair work going on.............I hope so David. And it's good news about the headaches diminishing; let's hope there's further progress; headaches can be soul destroying.

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Thank you and my pattern of headaches has changed still get bad ones just not all the time and when i am pain free i feel human again, trying to get my medical records from the hospital that treated me now that is enough to give me another aneurysm :-)


hi David - thats great news for you - so pleased and long may the improvement continue - I think 2014 is coming better for some than ever 2013 was. xx


I can really identify with that massive change of consciousness that comes when a headache lifts after several days. I do feel like a completely new person once I'm free of it...........I can think straight and I have patience and interest and enthusiasm etc, etc..........

Good luck with the records, David.

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Good to hear, just being in pain its self is quite debilitating.


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