Problems after SAH

Hi, I don't know if anybody can advise. Since my SAH last May I have suffered the usual things, headaches, tiredness, fatigue. But before CHristmas I has some sort of thing happen when I was sleeping. I was aware that I was jecking about....I was unsure if I was dreaming or if it happened....I didnt say to anyone but thought if it happens again....I will ask folks.....anyway....I have experienced a few of times in recent weeks a sort of involuntary jerking and funny buzzing....during the night or when falling a does not last long....but I am always tired the next day and have that knid of brain fog thing...where I know I am not quite with it.....Can anybody advise?

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  • I can't imagine it's related to the SAH if it started 6 months afterwards but it does sound like a neuro problem. You'd be wise to get your GPs opinion on anything that's unusual for you........ no amount of guesswork will make it go away.

    Did you have any change in medication at around the time it started ? I'm betting there's a simple solution.....but see your GP. Best wishes xx

  • Thanks...I have a friend you says it could be a form of her daughter had small seizures during the night.....I know there are many different kinds that can develop....wondering if this might be the cause.......

  • I have to admit that was the first thing which came to mind but I didn't want to spook you. It seems to be fairly common among brain injury survivors and as you're aware of the you go to the docs next week !

    Good luck and let us know what your GP has to say.

    PS love your dog :-)

  • you seem well clued i had sah 2010 its my left arm it jerks when i wants i dont no when it jumps up out i have 2 grab with other hand arm 2 stop it no 1 has told me what it is but ive not told neuro hospital told doc and nurses and another hospital i had 2 go 2 as i fell on my head cracked my jaw ive not a clue what it is i can be siting at gps waiting just starts theres people just looking funny at me no matter how muc i try my mind i carnt stop it if anyone was by me theyd prob get hit not as i wanted 2 but way i goes reading above i ha funny feeling somthing like that but ill shut up all i got left is my car if that was proved 2 that be gone 2 it is only my arm v x

  • Hi, To be honest nothing much spooks me anymore....I have learned to just take things as they come........I have 2 speeds ...slow and slower......thats one thing I have learned during this whole SAH slow enjoy life more and not worry about a thing! Yes that was wee Iona...from my dogs first litter....she found a new home.....I have 9 Black labrador pups here at the moment......just about 6 weeks looking for new homes......thay are all beautiful.........and as much as I fall in love with them all....they will all be going to new homes......only one has a home at the moment....but advertised them on Dogs and Puppies fingers crossed....:) I have 3 labs, a black, a golden and a chocolate....the set! so that is quite enough.....thanks for the input I will be calling Doc this week.....

  • Yes this sounds like a seizure, my boyfriend had a seizure a few weeks ago following a brain injury last January. Between 5-10% of people who have brain injuries go on to have seizures. It was scary to watch and he thought he was having another stroke. He seemed back to normal in an hour or 2 but doesn't remember much of what happened in the few days after it. He is on anti seizure drugs now so definitely see your doctor about it. As this is a relatively new condition I don't know much more than that, I just hope the drugs control it.


  • when i was in hospital a fellow patient a lady suffered something very similar once in her wheelchair when we were out as a group it was very scary and dangerous it was later explained to me as a partial seisure you must seek proper nedical advice / treatment the fitting is ver scary best of luck neil

  • I did suffer the very same problem but it eventually stopped, it was I recall quite frightening and I am glad it has stopped. 3 years since my sah.

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