woman on the edge .... the plot that was lost

woman on the edge .... the plot that was lost

Well we did it; we got a dog from the Dogs Trust.

Merlin (after the aircraft engine and not the wizard) is a year old harrier beagle (beagle on steroids) he has been in kennels most of his life and we are the third set of people to take him in. His nickname is 'The Destroyer' as he will eat anything or give it a damned good chew! What was I .. what were we thinking at the time?

Merlin has given me a reason to get out each and every day even if it just to the end of the road for him to do his business.

He came to his forever home on 9th December and where he may like his forever home I do wish he would not try to chew it all. He is a good listener and puts everything in perspective; walking the beach with a dog is the best feeling in the world from someone who though I may never get to walk again.

Merlin is mad and is chaotic so he and I get on pretty well. I will write a message board of his adventures but to date I have spent my time having arms stretched as well as having carpal tunnel surgery. Waiting now for gall bladder to be removed..... this could be fun with a boisterous beagle!!!!!

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Hi pixie, a lady after my own heart. I've always been a cat person but am now 'cat-less' and have more and more been cooing over those little Border terrier dogs which I find adorable. I'm told I will cause a major incident one day by straining to ogle these creatures when driving. I can't resist them & have to stop and cuddle them in

town......at the park.....wherever.

I know the only thing stopping me getting one (it would be a rescue dog) is the worry that I might be too unwell, at times, to take it for exercise and my garden isn't secure enough to simply let it wander around outside. But I'm almost 'broody' (despite my age & species) but it's so lovely to see that someone else has made the move, especially where a needy animal is concerned.

I hope you have great companionship with Merlin & that he learns to be a little calmer in the near future. Love Cat x

PS He does look quite a handful !!


Thankyou for adopting! I volunteered at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for many years and was always over the moon when the animals found their new loving homes.


My dog literally saved my life, I was. Hermit and not wanting to see anyone or anything. I still go out everyday with my faithful pooch. I'm now helping her recovery from surgery to her leg after rupturing her cruciate ligament. I would be totally lost without her. I hope you get as much pleasure from your new family member as I do from mine.


Animal companions are fantastic and worth their weight in gold. My own furry friend is not too well anymore and I fear she may not be here this time next year but I can never repay the joy she has brought me every day since she moved in! Yeah she destroyed three doors, four chairs, two carpets and the odd shoe but nothing I couldn't replace :-) If I ever get another dog it will definitely be rescued.


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