Is bumping my head after a cranioplasty something to be concerned about?

I recently had a cranioplasty and had titanium mesh and cementing put in. 3 days after, I bumped my head in the area in which it was done while getting into a car. I'm just wondering if I should be concerned, and if what they put in would be hard enough to take a bump like that so soon after the surgery.

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  • Hello HeyHowAreYa

    I too have had a cranioplasty and I have to say whenever I unfortunately bump my head it doesn't hurt in the slighest - it's kind of like it bounces!

    To be perfectly honest with you I would recommend you have it checked, may just be because it's new and hence the reason for the noise, but to be safe I'd suggest you have someone check it, your neurologist or GP...

    Hope all is well, thoughts and prayers with you.



  • Better to be safe than sorry so have it checked out.

  • best to get it checked.

  • I think I'll play it safe and have it checked. Thanks for all of your replies!

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