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I am disgusted

Im disgusted at the lack of help ive received in recovery.

I was sent home from Hull (100% care there) on the promise id be referred to a rehab unit in Goole.

After nobody bothered my Mum was on the phone. I lived alone and there wasnt even a proper rail in the shower or on the stairs.

Finally there was a chink of light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Occupational Therapists who got the local services to install rails. They take me to a day centre twice a week to use a Balance Master.

After about 3 wks i finally saw the doctor who now had the funding for the rehab centre in Goole but he now thinks im too good for it

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it is much better here in France If you want to correspond please private message me. I had my stroke June 1st 2010 I've written r

Two books on kindle of my experience all royalties go to Arni Institute look them up Dr. Tom Balchin founded it he runs it on donations so I did a sponsored leg push and raised s over £500 just recently also look on Facebook Peter Corfield Langres France they are updating Arni institute site very soon they have free sessions occasionally but if you have a bit of money they are excellent .I still need a stick and calliper to support my ankle but I am positive, that's what Tom gave me


What a shame Spideyman, I went straight from hospital to rehab unit, they kept me a week til there was room for me, but it was fantastic, I improved much quicker there only 20 mins of physio a day but it was everyday so helped immensely, plus the support learning personal care and using the kitchen again was great, gave me the confidence to go home, everyone should get access to it but they are trying to close some aren't they? Scandalous, not enough help out there xxxx

Hope it works out for you. Janet


Since my injury, I never cease to be amazed how poor the service is for us.

At last you now have some rehab - all the best in your recovery


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