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Anyone need any help in anyway?

Hi people my name is Chris back in May I suffered a head injury and I have had a craniotomy and then a crainioplasty after 2 months without having a skull flap to let my brain swell from my fall . I am pleased to say that with the hospital treatment I received and care from family and friends I have made i would say 80% recovery and am back at work! the reason I'm on here is In those 2 months after my craniotomy and awaiting the second operation I suffered a lot with dizziness depression/severe headaches and every day activities I felt as if the moment I was discharged from hospital I was on my own until I found headway. I want to if possible be able to help anyone with my tips and tricks I had to learn while at home alone awaiting my second op, and if anyone needs to talk about anything to be honest il be more than happy to assist in any way I can

Thank you for listening

Christopher x

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Hello - I had a fall 2.5 yrs ago - sub-cranial bleeding, 8-wk 'coma'. Recovery since in wheelchair, then walker, then cane - though nothing was broken Now doing all myself - except being a trapeze-gymnast or tightrope-walker It takes some small time and larger determination. All advice and rational avice seems better. These times seem far better other than contemplating being trapeze-artist or tightrope walker.


Hi Chris, pleased to hear about your remarkably speedy recovery. There's quite a few of us on here posting about one thing or another, so you never know you may well be called upon by one or more of us. Like you I've been on my own and find Headway a Godsend. I hope you get help with the headaches/dizziness etc.


Lovely to hear you are back at work. You obviously work for a very supportive employer? I'm sure with experience and positivity you will be able to support and advice lots of other brain injury survivors.


Hi Chris My injury was simialer to yours, only 11 months on still get headaches and pressure worry about my health and getting back to work seem to be stuck in a hole . been checked out by my doctor seems to be ok on gabapentin 5 a day , drink plenty of water. I just want a clear head !


Blimey, I wonder what has changed in the 46 years since my TBI?

After being discharged from hospital I went straight to work, got the sack, got a job, got the sack and so on. My advice is don't own up to a craniotomy or neurosurgery and don't mention epilepsy. I learnt pretty quick to lie, cheat and deceive; no support from anywhere - the surgeon dabbled inside your skull, stitched you up and kicked you out very much 'a changed man.' I had 30 years of long hair to hide the scars and dents from the trepanne but now I don't give a hoot ... I have the haircut I've always wanted .... no2 all over!

I've got tricks, lots of 'em and thanks to help on here I don't suffer from noise irritability so much either.

Good Luck Chris.


Wonderful post!


Hi Chris! So glad to hear you are making such a great recovery. I had an aneurism which caused a pretty nasty fall which caused more problems - all whilst overseas! That was 2 years ago this week, they flew the family out and had the discussion about turning me off etc but I wasn't going anywhere! and we were finally allowed to return to the UK at Easter. I had to wait almost a year between the craniotomy and the cranioplasty ops but the skull is back in place and the safety helmet is put away now! I am almost back to my old self but still have to keep taking the tablets, suffer the headaches, and can't return to work! I have just found this wonderful site and it is great to read all the comments and tips which are so motivating! I had excellent care in Australia and am now getting into the system over here so don't feel stranded on my own now. With the support of friends and family at both sides of the globe I am coming to terms with all the changes in my life. I was often 'told off' for not realising how complex and serious my situation was whilst in the Brain Injury Rehab Unit in Oz but still maintain it was because I was unaware of the severity and kept my sense of humour that I made such progress So like you I would be willing to help anyone who wants it and can put up with my long mails (sprinkled with !!!!).

Good luck Chris!


Hi mate,

Bloody hell, back at work so quick, I applaud you! Nineteen years since my fall and I still feel like a 9-5 day would kill me, literally!

Well done, but... do try not to push yourself too hard, the brain has a way of fighting back whrn you least expect it. You just take care of yourself.



Really pleased to read of the good recovery I am sure it gives heart to others who have new brain injuries.

BaronC some people recover almost completely - others never do, but at least you have your life, so I am really pleased for you about that.


Hi Chris my daughter suffered a tbi back in 2011novrmber she was in a coma for 3 weeks and had 2 fractures blood lots and swelling of the brain they tied so hard to get it down but couldn't she was so poorly and they told us she could die they went in to give her a crainotomy the following morning the op went fine then she got phenonia and collapsed lung was once again critical but she amazed us all and got better 9 months later went on to have a crainplasty my daughter is not the same she looks in but what I'm so frystrated about is there is no help out there for her it's 1 space forward. And 20 back I have phoned headway today who said I have to phone social services first to get refereed so it's a waiting game again , get doctors don't care they say go home and look on the net for help she self harms took overdose depressed tired all the time frustrated angry the list goes on we need helpme and my daughter no one seems to care I'm hoping and praying social services come through and help xxx


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