well if no one else will say it well done me

well if no one else will say it well done me

my home is being repossessed next week 4 weeks ago when i received the eviction notice having owned my own home since i was 20 i am now 52 i knew id receive council accomodation but given my condition i am badly disabled everyone stood back telling me i would be a priority not the case i got nowhere fast and very stressed in business wen dealing with government local and national we had a tacxtic we called sand bagging surround the target with sandbags leaving onmnly your route in my case a flart in a sheltered housing unit use the local press and my mp an e petitiuon h everyone told me i was wasting my time and it will backfire on me well it wasnt i was riught with zero help from anyone refused legal aid for homeless advice i will be in a flat on monday 2 days before the eviction do i feel good yes i bloody well do

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  • Well done, you could have done without the stress though, hope you settle ok, best wishes Janet

  • janetr thank you i must admit there were times i doubted myself especially with the crescendo of criticism volleyed at me but i kept removing myself back 7 years wen was in a very well paid job and was incorrectly assunming the disabled get every support neccessarey not true after this is ovewr i will loby my mp to make the neccessary changes offer to speak publically to raise awarness of what disabled peoplke face in daily challenges aside from their disavbility but in support and i and not talking about day centers but ard prsactical advice anbd where to gio what to do i couldnt even get my movong costs paid £450 until a relative stepped in i was determined at all costs to be gone before the baliffs appeared with the cops on the 18th noone in authority seemed to care ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Well done Neil. Glad you beat them to it ! ;-)

  • I'm so glad you got sorted, we were told to stay were we were till a court forced us out after the house we rented was sold whilst we live there. We had to sell our home after my accident because I was not able to work and my fella had to look after me and the kids, so we were homeless. The local councils would not rehome us because we both worked in other counties, we had no family ties to the area as we were ex forces. The told us the would get us a place in a B and B till they could get us a homeless accommodation. It was terrible. We ended up moving over300 miles away to a county were my fella had family ties and because his parents were disabled and needed care they housed us.

    I don't actually remember the time bu my kids do and my other half said it nearly broke him. There was so mant people doing their best not to be helpful, passing the buck etc.

    luckily it was a good move in the end. We were in homeless accommodation -a3 bed flat for 10 months then we got our home where we still live. I got great health care here and fantastic support form the acquired brain injury team and headway. I don't know if I would have had the same input had we stayed down south.

    It's bad enough struggling to make sense of everything around you, it horrid stress for the family trying to get to grips with your injury trying to find your way around a benefit system that doesn't help you to get help you are entitled to without losing the place you live in.

    I hope you will be very happy in your new home.

  • Well done ,you showed me that it is worth fighting .

  • thank you all my succcess was owever tempered when my father driopped dead 2 days ago

  • Sorry to hear that

  • Only just seen your post about your father, Neil. I'm so sorry for your sad loss. A parent's death is a very painful milestone for most people, at whatever stage of life it occurs. Regards & sympathy, Cat x

  • Only just seen your post about your Dad too, so sorry Neil, it should have been a happy time for you, I wish you well, hope you can move on now, remember we are here xxxxx Janet

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