i am being repossessed and need a place to live

i am having my home repossessed in sept i want to move away from here nearer my children and friends in west london i spent today on the phone councils only register a person who has lived in teir area foir 3 years leaving me only 3 councils kensingtin and chelsea essex and canterbury all of which have 7 years waiting for sheltered housing i was told today there are schemes run by charities that fund disabled person i am male 52 i had a sah in 2007 help please

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Hi Neil,

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear you're being evicted, and I hope you can find something a bit nearer to your family and friends as planned.

The housing situation is extremely difficult and I'm not aware of any charities that can definitely help (if any members can add anything?), but have found some information that could be useful.

There is an organisation called Richmond Fellowship that offers some housing support - you can find out more at richmondfellowship.org.uk/c...

They do unfortunately say they only cover mental health, but it is worth speaking to them as it may be a possibility that they'll extend this to someone with a brain injury.

I also found an organisation called L&Q Group who may be some help: lqgroup.org.uk/services-for...

I have to add that I can't guarantee the services of the above organisations, but they do look promising.

You might want to call the housing charity Shelter to see if they can help - further details at england.shelter.org.uk/

Finally, I would suggest speaking again to the local council's housing office. If they are suggesting you approach charities for support, I would hope they'd have a list of housing charities that operate in their area, and will be able to forward this information to you.

I hope this helps, and please get back to us if you need any support.

Best wishes,



thank you looks like i will have a full affternoon looking at these i will repond with how i got on neil


Shelter would be an excellent place to start - they are experts. There should be a person at your local council (in the area where you currently live) who is responsible for helping vulnerable adults deal with the threat of homelessness. They should be able to help you negotiate with other councils too. In many areas sheltered/supported housing is under subscribed and if that is what you are looking for/need and you are prepared to be flexible, you could maybe get somewhere closer to your family, if not in the exact area you would like.

I hope you find the support you need.


hi, im so sorry to hear of your housing troubles,i dnt know anything about housing charities , but i send hope that someone can help you with this


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