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sharpe pains

Hi can anyone help me, My son has had his brain injury since 2006, since then he has never had a headache at all, well i say at all i mean maybe the last 5 years. But about 2 weeks ago he got attacked whilst he was out and he got punched in the head, he didn't tell me until 2 weeks later that this had happened, well as his mum you can imagine how i felt, sick was not the word. anyway since this has happened he keeps getting quick sharpe like stabbing pains that goes around his head, maybe once or twice a day, he has been to the GP who was not really interested said its because he had a bash and it should go, i was not happy with this so sent him to the hospital were they gave him a quick scan and said that it looked ok, im really worried about him. Has anyone else or does anyone else have these sorts of pains. Any help is more than welcome.

Many Thanks


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it could be radiating pain, i have to deal with neck pain, and that pain radiates around the back of my head and up to my ears, its nothing to do with my brain injury its to do with my physical injuries/issues. (but mine isnt stabbing pains)

so it could just be something like that, as a bit of swelling could cause all types of issues,

are they getting less frequent?

the only other thing i could find was this



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