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anyone else having to keep logging in?


I keep having to login every time I visit the site

I've deleted my cookies and Internet cache

I am using chrome

sometimes it will say I am logged in on the green bar at the top but when I tried to post it would say I have to log in

anyone else having similar problems?

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At last I've managed to get in, it's taken me 3 days now, don't know how long it's gonna take to get used to the new format, I liked the simplicity of the old site, we could do without complications, I also liked being prompted by emails, lazy I know, maybe I'll get used to it, if not I won't be on here as much, I'm just afraid I'll miss something!

I tend to just click on the home button on the blue bar (the picture of the little house)

and look at recent activity, I do find the layout is a bit busy which I do find difficult

I know we have a button for questions and posts but for some reason I actually struggle with that

I guess we will get used to it over time

and like you I feel that I will miss some posts or questions

in your profile you can choose when to receive e-mails

such as someone said you a message or somebody replies etc.. So it's a bit better with this update as you can customise your e-mails better

I do hope no one leaves because of this as we have a good community here

I for one am just going to find my way of adjusting to it

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Hi Janet, I am finding the new format really confusing and frustrating, emails I'm getting from Headway now are taking me to a lot of old posts made several months before including this one of yours, do you have that problem also? Shirley x

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I occasionally have that problem but mostly it's ok, I find they are suggesting old posts for us to read, presumably as a means of expanding our use of the site and I must admit I've found interesting posts I've missed before but some are very old but there's no reason we can't reply or pick up on them, I know I don't mind it's just s bit frustrating. But I think it's just the way they want to run the site, so don't be too concerned I don't think there's a problem with you in particular.

Ok? Janet xxxx

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Thanks, oh thats good, just as long as I'm not going mad :-) Ive just got 'lost' on another discussion forum over here so brain doesn't know if its coming or going at present. Shirley xxx

Its driving me crazy..I have it ticked to keep me logged in but it doesn't work. I really hate the changes...if i can't get used to them soon I will just step away. Right now I just do not have the brain power or energy to waste on figuring this stuff out

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I decided to just give it a miss for a couple of days then check again. So it's 1am Sunday & I'm a little more rational now but, yes, the logging in is still a nuisance and it still won't accept my email address.

Some of the main issues for brain injured folk is difficulty accepting change, inability to concentrate, short-term memory problems and a need for continuity/ this is all rather a contradiction......when the original site was so functional and user friendly.

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I've just emailed you! so hope it all get sorted soon - very soon! why is there a ? after the .com. my email won't go cos I just copied and pasted email address as you put it!

Still having to log in even tho I'm not logging out and the keep me logged in is checked. At least I'm getting better at it!

me too its doing my head in

Me too & often it does not even recognise me as a member!...very frustrating : (

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Hi all, watch out for H W email address put above by Lora Hu - it doesnt work with a ? after the .com - Shirley

Ditto ditto trying to log OUT for days

will have to leave before I begin here

Best wishes All,

Hi Biker, its not just the signing in - its everything - your post has just shown up in inbox tonight 25 Jan but says it was posted 7 months ago. No wonder we all feel we are going mad as if our BI's aren't enough - hope you are really back and I'm not just answering an old post! so Welcome back.....I've just spent ages trying to sort out several of my regular websites I go to from emails and having same problem.

Don't know if its googlechrome or the websites, but I do know that I've now allowed cookies, pop-up still blocked and websites seem to be working better now. I now find it helps to read the links that explain things in Chrome settings, which is why I now allow cookies.

Also finding Lastpass good as it puts my passwords in for me, although I am now writing down new ones as well!

Sorry Shirley.........these are old posts & biker hasn't been around for quite some time. It's a bit confusing when old posts don't necessarily notice the date. A few others have made the same mistake & I nearly have a couple of times !


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thanks Cat, with internet and computer problems over recent month at old home and current one I know I missed a lot of things - ending up with french keyboard didn't help - just added to confusion soprobably why my typing/spelling went weird also. xxx


Hi! I haven't had a problem with having to keep logging in but I have had a problem with google chrome. A message kept popping up saying 'I did not have permission to access.....' I've uninstalled chrome and am just using google.


Sorry folks,

Just realised I've responded to 'old' posts. x

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