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Trying to keep myself stable

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Am in Bristol disability forum office building them a window 10 machine unattended while they have a team meeting to try and keep myself sane (this post is mainly aimed at the admins of this forum so om not expecting every besides maybe Brce Mattsion-medro to understand I'm making a point that I have many ways to try and cope and I feel so much better than being stuck at home thinking and renamating)

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You know Bex, being bored and making yourself do other stuff is good for you - I read through what you wrote and I found moved that you were using a skill which you developed from a job which you have told me (on more than one occasion), that you don't like because of your management or colleagues, to develop a computer that will benefit those who need these skills. As you know now, I am back in ABS but have been assigned to 'parking permits' - we both know that I would prefer to be building Win10 units for charity

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Hehe you can help me if you want as I have a week off work and I will spend it trying to figure out how to fix it basically the head of Bristol def has brough a assortment of mashed kit has no idea how to put it together which is why I've offered and I have a head as she has brought such imcompatiable hardware and software for example she brought 2 licenses for 100 staff to use when she has a team of 5 people do I need to go on ...

Read my latest update its good

Headway will be proud u out there working-as was all they seem to be obsessed about at my local one(that & expense is why i stopped going!)! LOL

I rather not be working than hurting someone in a workplace that doesn't understand brain injury(most places i worked in 28 yrs!).

I've admitted defeat to trying to learn the new updates to Windows, couldn't get my head round 10, I still use 7 and office 2003. This is definitely due to my TBI as before I'd kept up with their 'improvements'.

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When I was 13 my mum gave a PC fresh out of the coma and I was providing it support for NHS when they were meant to be helping me and the receptionist at my gp surgery suggested that I could volunteer with them

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