Operation done!

Good morning everyone.

Well, since my last message, we had a phone call on Wednesday morning asking if we would like to come in the following day for surgery, instead of waiting until early July. A quick discussion followed and my husband decided it would be better to get it done.

So he had his long awaited cranioplasty yesterday afternoon. It was a worrying few hours, but I saw him at about 8.30 last night, and although in a great deal of pain (understandably) he was looking good. Lots of bandages and bruises, but hopefully his George Clooney good looks will be back when all is revealed in a few days!

So then it will be back to getting stronger and working on the left sided weakness he still has.

We are going to move back to be close to family in the Midlands once he feels up to it, and has fully recovered from all of the surgery (he still has one more op to go through) and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on which NHS trust might be the best, from Warwickshire, Northants. and Leics, which are all close to the Rugby area where we hope to re locate to.

We hear so many good and bad things about the various hospitals, but there is nothing like personal experience to give you confidence!

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when i had my SAH i was taken to northampton i have to say my care was exceptional everything was explained and i was transferred to john radcliffe the next day however i had what they suspect might be a second bleed 3/4 weeks later and they were not so great i was kept in not told anything ended up discharging mysself they said they would sort out an outpatient appointment for a consultant neurologist which was yesterday but the appointment was for a nurse at the headache clinic so was not impressed so in my opinion their aftercare is poor and when you are an inpatient its hit and miss even on their facebook page they have stopped people writing on their wall because of bad comments but when i gave birth and when my son was poorly at 3 weeks the care was fantastic :) ive also been treated at glenfield in leicester for my heart problems all i can say is fantastic :) oh and dont even touch kettering its worse than northampton lol


Hi shellsbelle. Crumbs a bit of a mixed bag there then. But I suppose its always going to be like that, everyone has different experiences at different times. Thanks so much for your reply, I will bear it all in mind.

How long is it since your SAH? Steve's was October, and he still has had no follow up appointment. We are at Hull Royal Infirmary, and like you, when he had his collapse, we could not fault them, and the surgeon did a fantastic job. But trying to get help, appointments etc. since then has just been impossible. Getting through to the wards on the phone is nigh on impossible, the secretaries don't seem to want to help most of the time with information, and all in all its a nightmare. As for A & E, well it isn't worth writing about, its just awful.

Good luck with your next appointment, sounds like you have been through the mill one way and another.

Very best wishes, Molly


my sah was in may i also had a stroke in 2009 i only had a follow up due to being other changes in my mri not for the sah which i find shocking but yes you are right there are always going to be good and bad things about all hospitals x


Sorry,Molly, I'm not familiar with those areas but just wanted to say how pleased I was to see your news. I know you've been at your wits end with all the waiting, so this will be an enormous relief for you and Steve & family.

I see there is further surgery after this, but so far so good........

Best wishes to you both. cat xx :-)


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