Anyone feel like you have landed in your old life?

I know it may sound odd but sometimes I feel like it's like because I've been told this is my life ( have no memory of my accident & first 3 weeks afterwards) I have to fit into being the person I was before? Sometimes I feel I am never living up to people's expectations and I need a 'disclaimer' that comes with everything I say and do!

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  • i can totally understand where you are coming from,

    its hard to change peoples expectations, you are the person you are, and i dont have an answer that will help.

    my extended family is the same, they assume i am who i was before, and its just too difficult to make them understand the effects

  • Agree with this totally, spend so much time being the old me, but it does make me do things I would prefer not to do and so helps my rehab, swings and roundabouts

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