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Guess what? I have a job! Maybe some hope for a few of you guys too? :)

After trying all this year and most of last year, applying for job after job, it finally happened. I got an interview, survived it, and have kept it for 7 weeks! It's an easy job (brain-surgery will have to wait another few years ;) ) but I guess some of you will understand what a massive buzz this has given me. Honestly, I never thought I'd do it, I was applying in the end just because I felt I "should," if you know what I mean, and I think I was expecting to get either ignored or rejected just because of the way I am. I still make mistakes LOL, but they give me time and space to sort them myself.

Don't give up, it doesn't just have to be if you're looking for work, every day can bring a hundred new challenges of its own. I hope this doesn't offend anyone because it's not intended to but what I'm trying to say is never give up on yourself, sometimes you can do way more than you ever thought possible x

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Well done Last chance and thank you for the encouragement

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Congratulations. Yes it does give me hope. X


That's brilliant news 1LastChance, and a morale boost for all of us.

I hope things continue to go well and that you have a really good festive season.


CONGRATS! This is a HUGE thing, well done...It was very clever of you to ease your way into brain surgery..I hear that can be very taxing ;)


Proud to be here and thank you all, you lot make me grin :)

Just to maybe make you smile, I was trying to say "warehouse" at my interview. First attempt was "workshop," I knew that wasn't right and came out with "washroom." Considering we were talking about how we removed the waste from the premises, it wasn't the best of answers ;)

Had to laugh it off otherwise I'd be too afraid to ever open my mouth.

Wishing you all the very best, and keep believing in yourself x




Hi Last chance, great news, glad its going well for you. Thanks for sharing. K


Congratulations! Such a positive post!


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