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Bless the NHS, sent me from Headway to my GP to the neurology department to a neuropsychologist. Now I'm a functioning human, I work full time, I pay the mortgage, I have hobbies and can even maintain property better than property management companies ( jriddell.org/diary/?p=112 ). I've not got depression and not much more than the edges of anxiety or stress when e.g. my post gets made redundant. But it's all much more of a struggle than it used to be so when help comes I'll happily take it.

The first session with the neuropsychologist was a classic freudian style therapy. How do you feel about your friends, family, relationships etc? (they're all lovely). Do you enjoy your job? (I have an awesome job.) It's surprisingly hard work, I was tired after the session but I felt happier for the rest of the week so it does seem to work.

The next couple of session were cognitive testing, IQ tests of various sorts, memory tests, verbal and auditory and kinesthesic tests etc. I felt I did fine in both tests but the first one took a huge amount of energy, I had to lie out on the lawn outside the neurology building for half an hour to recover. The second one I was perfectly able to cycle home after and work as normal. The randomness of my head or a sign of getting better? Who can tell.

Next session will be a review. I've no idea where this is going but it'll be interesting to find out.

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thats good news mate i hope it works great for you


arghh i hit reply to soon

the neuro tests can be very draining indeed

they all sound like positive steps indeed


Out of interest, what job do you do?

I tried working as a PA, but found it too stressful to remember to do things. My neuro told me I shouldn't be a PA, but didn't tell me what I should do!


My OH went for the cognitive testing and they decreed that he must have been below average intelligence before the accident (He has dysphasia now-gets numbers mixed up!) it made me laugh as he had a degree, was a CEng, ran an IT company and managed various property lets plus was the ideal person to sit next to on a pub quiz. Fortunately it's like water off a ducks back to him and he never takes anything personally ! So the results could make interesting reading for you!


i am so jealous. 4 years on and i was told there are no Neuropsychologist available here.


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