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How do you deal with intolerance to noise? Some days are worse than others for me, on bad days a dripping tap or a plate scarping can be really horrible. I am much better when I am in a quite environment, but I have noticed if I stay in a too quite environment when I have no choice to be subjected to noise again, my symptoms are much. A recent example is me swearing involuntary at the singing birds (sorry birds) because I couldn't cope with the noise. So do I keep exposing myself to a certain level of noise in the hope that this will get better, i.e. carry on regardless or try and keep my environment as quite as possible. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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i just take myself away from it (if i can) not sure if its intolerance to noise i think mine is more of if lots of things making noise or people talking i cannot concentrate or cope and it gets too much so have to get out of wherever i am, i just need everything or everyone to shut up and let me get my shit together.


My ability to tolerate noise is very low since my injury and I often have no choice but to use earplugs. Every single handbag I own has a set of earplugs and a fellow brain injury survivor bought me a pair of snazzy earplugs for "going out"...they are like gold drop tassel earrings and I love them.

Theatre earplugs are good because they filter out all the background noise but still allow you to have a one to one conversation.

My episodes of total overload meltdown decreased considerably thanks to the earplugs...I really do recommend them.


Thank you very much bikerlifestyle and iforget for replying.

Will this get better with time? I am eleven months on and it does not seem to be getting any better. It leads be to lead quite an isolated life. It seems the only good place for me is my home.

iforget earplugs are a fab idea. Had to have a recent trip to the dentist where I used them and it dulled everything a bit. Where did your friends get your snazzy earplugs from though? I would love to get a pair as well as some theatre earplugs. I am off to have a look on Amazon.

Thanks again.


I have the same issue but have found since going back to work (I'm a teacher) that its worse when I've had a quiet weekend at home. Mondays are horrendous but by Friday I can tolerate it better, however I can't concentrate on anything new unless its really quiet. Hope that makes sense.


Noise drove me crazy for a year after my op but my tolerance did increase and now very few sounds annoy me. Birdsong still drives me mad from time to time and running water gets on my nerves a bit. I wish I had thought of earplugs when it was at its worst.


Thank you very much for your replies. Sorry I have not replied sooner, I could not find my link, but just found it.

Resorted to staying back in again. When I go out and too much is going on and it is too noisy when its is quite again my brain goes into meltdown. My brain gets completely overstimulated when this happens, my speech goes array and everything else. Eleven months now and I am completely fed up, but on a positive note, I have stopped apologizing constantly for my quirky behavior. People will have to take me as I am.

Getting married soon (nervous how I am going to cope talking to so many people and sustaining my energy levels. When we got engaged, we thought I would be better by know. How wrong we were!). My lovely finance says I do not have to and everyone has to take us how they find us. Warned the vicar on occasions I may shout involuntary. I'm forever shouting without meaning to, "come on" at my beautiful fella (teacher side of me I think). Vicar said to me that if gets on "come on" he needs to hurry up with the sermon then. I like it when people joke.

Thanks again, your replies are very much appreciated.

Hope you are all ok


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