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How rude


Ive had enough of ignorant morons who seem to think its OK to ignore me once they have been told what has happened to me in the past.

I remember once i did an acting course at college and was given a mentor from the yr above me. She was only young and once she had been told of my past she totally denied being my mentor. Probably thought id need looking after.


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I agree with the generic comment that people are ignorant and overlook what is in front of them, we get cast aside quicker than slidie stuff off a shovel. As for the college days, the college do things to help the students through their studies but when this doesn't work out they lay back and claim that they are doing their best that they can. In this case, they were probably fully aware of the injury when you enrolled and should have selected a worthy student who could mentor you, obviously not the case.

I have come across this type of behaviour recently too, this time at university and from health care professionals, the lecturers on my radiography course as well as the radiograph ears at my local hospital who were responsible for my training. The negligence resulted in me failing the course.


If that's all that's going on with I wouldn't worry about it; consider it's their loss but don't make it yours by getting bitter about it.

It's a sad fact of life that some people, when confronted by something different to the norm will reject it or flee. It's fine, believe me. You're better off without them in your life. Move on...

i have found that people who stay around and and listen, turn out to be very special people themselves and the type of people you would want to know even if you were not affected by brain injury.

You also get the nosy ones who let you tell them and they they ignore you

unfortunately people get embarrassed by things they don't understand hence the mass exodus of 'friends' when someone has a brain injury. Think it would be really good if a tv campaign highlighted explained brain injuriies to the general public ( a bit like the campaign that was on recently on mental health issues!) My husband seems to be invisible since his TBI and i get fed up of people thinking he is either drunk or cannot answer for himself !

i thats bad news no one knows what its like to have a head injury i have been ill for 8yrs now i got attackt and the back of my skull crackt open.Some days i cant even remeber my name i was on medication for a full yr until i remebered who asaulted me am sorry a never got back to you sooner.

Tell me about people are so judgemental,they look at you and think whats your problem,theres nothing wrong with you,really i say you live my life and i will live yours,i know which one i would prefer,give me back my old life any day.

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