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New help please


Hi all,

I'm new here. I've been unwell for last 2 yrs. I have Hashis Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Alopecia. In an effort to try to figure out whats causing my issues ive had regular blds done. My ferritin had dropped to 14 so my gp suggested supplementing with 1 Galfer a day. This increased my levels to 51 over a period of 6mths. By pure chance I ticked Iron Studies and my gp now thinks ive Haemochromotosis. Can anyone help interpret my results?

Iron 24 (10-30)

UIBC (S): 16 (20-66)

Calc TIBC: 40 (50-80)

Transferrin Sat: 60% (30-40)

My first test was 50% and that was with a ferritin of 34 and serum iron of 24. I cant understand this as my ferritin is lowish. Also my liver enzymes are now elevated too with AST and ALT elevated. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm no expert on this but I would have thought your ferritin would be highly elevated for Haemochromatosis. There is a simple blood test to check the genetic basis for that.

If you don't get any answers here I suggest you get on to the Iron Disorders Institute email with your details and queries. There is a really good lady on there who knows her stuff. (Em)

Good luck.

I'll pass on the link in next box.

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Hi Madlegs i would have thought the same?? Tks i shall definitely email her

louise52 in reply to louise52

I emailed this address and got a reply stating im not authorised/recognised to send here??

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